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As we speak I’m sitting in the CCIE Security Techtorial led by Yusuf Bhaiji, the CCIE Security Program Manager. The verdict is in… changes are coming for the CCIE Security Lab Exam! I will be making a more detailed post later today about the changes, but in a nutshell the following changes are coming:

  • PIX Firewall – Removed
  • VPN 3000 Concentrator – Removed
  • New Routers – 3800s running 12.4T
  • New Switches – 3560s running 12.2(x)SE
  • New ASA Software – Version 8.x
  • IPS 4215 Replaced With IPS 4240
  • New IPS Software – Version 6.x

MARS and NAC Appliance are still possible but not official yet. Since the announcement is not “official” yet the timeframe for the change is still more than 6 months out.

Keep an eye on the blog as a more detailed breakdown will be coming shortly.

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18 Responses to “CCIE Security Changes Coming!”

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  3. learner says:

    Does anybody have any idea when the changes for CCIE: Security will be rolled out?


  4. 4th August says:

    my exam is on 4th of August, will i be affected by this change? will they surprise me with new technologies in the exam?

    please let us know ASAP…


  5. nxg says:

    Err, why 3800s? Aren’t 2811s suitable anymore?

  6. Anything that can run 12.4T. We will be using 2600XM’s in our rack topology.

  7. Ulan Mamytov says:

    I took a lab in Sydney and while chatting at lunch proctor did tell me that NAC appliance is coming.

  8. Tim Rowley says:

    Any updates to this? I queried Cisco and was told that no changes are coming.

  9. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet. Once the announcement is posted on http://www.cisco.com/go/ccie there will be a six month waiting period before the changed as actually implemented.

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