Brian Dennis and I are proud to welcome Scott Morris, four-time CCIE #4713, to the Internetwork Expert team as a new CCIE instructor. Scott Morris has been in the Cisco networking industry for over 12 years and belongs to an elite group of engineers worldwide holding four CCIE certifications. Scott was one of the first individuals to pass the Cisco Design Specialist certification in 1998, and soon after passed the CCIE Lab Exam in Routing and Switching. He then went on to obtain CCIE certifications in ISP-Dial, Security, and Service Provider. Scott is currently preparing for the Voice CCIE, and the newly announced Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE).

Prior to joining Internetwork Expert, Scott was Vice President of Technical Training and an Instructor at IPExpert. While working at IPExpert, Scott developed and delivered CCIE classroom training, as well as initiated new product development. Scott is currently a regular columnist for the TCPMag Journal.

Scott can be reached at smorris@internetworkexpert.com. For more information…

About Brian McGahan, CCIE #8593, CCDE #2013::13:

Brian McGahan was one of the youngest engineers in the world to obtain the CCIE, having achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching at the age of 20 in 2002. Brian has been teaching and developing CCIE training courses for over 10 years, and has assisted thousands of engineers in obtaining their CCIE certification. When not teaching or developing new products Brian consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers in the midwest region of the United States.

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14 Responses to “Internetwork Expert Welcomes Scott Morris, CCIE #4713, as CCIE Instructor!”

  1. Ray says:

    I wasn’t sure where to get my CCIE stuff but this seals it. Congrats Scott Morris!

  2. [...] Internetwork Expert: IE Welcomes Scott Morris Filed under: CCIE Training, Cisco, Cisco Certification — cciepursuit @ 1:29 pm Tags: CCIE, CCIE Training, Certification, Cisco, Cisco Certification, Internetwork Expert Okay, I guess that this is the big announcement (thank you to Alissa and Adam): [...]

  3. Barooq says:

    What, you are just killing the competition :D

    The first day I decided to pursue CCIE, i founf out 4 names.
    Brian Dennis and Brian McGahan, Scott Morris and Narbik Kocharians…
    And now Brians have lured Scott to them :D
    I mean IpExpert was Scott Morris
    Its like telling the CCIE community to forget about other vendors.
    Anyway, Since I am an IEWB guy as i used Internetworkexpert material, and only listened to Scott’s free seminars, I think I should cheer.
    And congrats to InternetworkExpert and Scott Morris. You guys will make the greatest team

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  5. jesh says:

    congrats IE , looks like you are gonna make the great team out there :-)

  6. Sesano says:

    What !!!!!!!!

    There is only one place to go now to “shop” for CCIE training!

    ******** InternetworkExpert.com **************

    Congtrats to you guys.

  7. CT says:

    Does this mean prices will triple for future training? I must say that a year ago I was battling between Ipexpert and InetXpert and now I truly feel I made the right choice.


  8. It’s actually based on the ratio of CCIEs to instructors. Before Brian, Petr, and I had 12 CCIEs total, with a ratio of 4:1. Now with Brian, Scott, Petr, and I we have 16 CCIEs total, so the new ratio is 16:5, so the prices will have to be adjusted plus or minus 4/5ths… ;)

  9. Cisco_Godfather says:

    Congrats to Internetwork Expert, Congrats to Scott and congrats to the CCIE community to have those great network masters all in one house.


  10. Daniel Craig says:

    Hey, I was looking around for a while searching for technical security training and I happened upon this site and your post regarding , I will definitely this to my technical security training bookmarks!

  11. samadhan says:

    i love you scott moris

  12. 4713 14 says:

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  13. Emmanuel Enenakpogbe says:

    In Fact, I think i will call Scott Morris a.k.a CISCO.


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