As the world evolves around us all, so do the topics of the various CCIE lab exams! Networkers did not yield any earth-shattering information that we did not already know, but it highlighted some areas of interest for us.

IPv6 will be coming to a Service Provider CCIE exam near you. This shouldn’t be a surprise as it has been in the R&S CCIE exam for over a year now. What will make it interesting, of course, is just how much EXTRA stuff expanding other topics like MPLS labeling, VPN creation, VPNv6 routes and other stuff like that which will need to be discussed and dissected along the way.

IOS-XR may be coming in at some point. Most likely in the form of a GSR router. No, I have no details on exact models or what exciting level of software/modules/stuff will be included with it! Just watch for further announcements! In my own personal opinion, with the use of the GSR we may also find some SONET links added into our topology with the 7200VXR routers already being used. I have no other basis than my warped sense of humor for that, and thinking that it “just makes sense”.

Those were the techniques discussed during the CCIE Service Provider Labtorial at Networkers this year! Nothing (as of this morning) has made it up on Cisco’s web site, so no official timeframe is established at this point. January 1 seems like an awfully good target, but no official news yet.

The “labtorial” in case you were wondering about that name seems to represent either a shift or a “test the waters” approach to a new way for the CCIE information. Students were given different lab tasks to perform on remote equipment via provided laptops, and from what I hear this was very well received by attendees!

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  2. Unknown says:

    It’s not so good news, if XR IOS will in SP lab.

    We could not emulate whole lab in dynamips.

  3. IOS-XR gives us lots of potential for expansion in the lab. I wouldn’t count on a lot of it though!

    This still tends to be enough to cause panic and mayhem about anything new (and expensive) coming into the lab! :)

  4. unknown says:

    IOS XR is very modular OS as compared to IOS, the shear power which you are expose to when you start comparing the throughput.

    Years of research has gone behind defeating Juniper’s T series routers.

    So now its even more to sweat for CCIE SP, since IOS XR is having totally new and different style of look and feel than original IOS. Moreover IOS XR tends to be more complex in terms of handling and administrating it. and its very hard to come cheap.

    But thats not all bad news overall. OSPF shim was a new feature added in recent version of IOS XR, which means that Cisco is fast pacing up XR with IOS lineup, so you can still wait and watch for new features which are already there in IOS. That means lesser numbers of technologies we need to stress for exam prep…

  5. slidersv says:

    Personally, I am thrilled to hear that XR will finally make it into the lab. There is more and more of it in real world, since the GSR “port” of it is getting better (It was made for CRS, and retro-fitted to GSR). My only experience with it was in practice – no theory what so ever, and let me tell you that you have nothing to worry about… If you have a free GSR/CRS-1 lying around :)

  6. JanZ says:

    @Slidersv :not every one is as lucky as you are…..like many of us i am WORRIED :(

  7. jim says:

    We are talking about IOS XR this only runs on the CRS-1 and the GSR XR platforms right. The older GSR’s that are NOT XR’s will not run the XR code.

    Also, IOS XR is totally different then the Modular IOS that is for the Sup720′s…right.

  8. wael osama says:

    I think that the CCIE certification reflects the market and business needs of the industry, so as scott says GSRs and IOS XR are expected; but this is gonna make the lab harder because not many candidates will have access to such facilities.

  9. TI Fácil says:

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  10. norc says:

    Hi. Will this XR push through already? I am planning to review for SP already and I need confirmation if possible. thanks


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