A whole section dedicated just to RIP? RIP can’t possibly cause problems in the CCIE Lab Exam right? You may be surprised… :) IEWB-RS Volume I Version 5 RIP labs are now posted on the members site. If you are really ready for the lab exam you should be able to look at the topology diagram, read the the lab question, and know exactly what the implications of each configuration are before implementing them. If you can do this without looking at the solutions I would like to hear from you!

Feel free to post questions and comments here on the blog or here on the forum.

Happy labbing!

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6 Responses to “IEWB-RS Volume I Version 5 Beta RIP Labs Now Available”

  1. Amit Chopra says:

    Hi Brain

    Just want to know that is “Beta version” mean that above document which is RIP in this case is in beta stage and the whole RIP document will update again once the beta testing over?

    Is the RIP document is the final version in 5.0 series?

  2. The whole series is still in beta. RIP may or may not get updated based on the final tech edit and user comments.

  3. amit says:


    I can understand , that Volume I is still in beta stage however if I compare RIP with others topic like Frame-relay and switching which so far released under member site. I have noticed that FR and Switching has no explanation on any topic where RIP has?

    I would like to see some explanation on FR and switching and all future update so It can help us to understand the topics in better way.

    Looking forward to see some explanation.

  4. Both Bridging & Switching and Frame Relay will be extensively updated before the final release. They will look more like the RIP section than their current form.

  5. Overr says:

    Is the RIP document is the final version in 5.0 series?


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