Number 10 – Visitor parking at Cisco features a spot with your name on it.

Number 9 – Visa calls you to inquire if someone at Cisco may have stolen
your Credit Card.

Number 8 – You have earned 65,000 flight miles in the last year.

Number 7 – Your wife asks “Who the hell are you?” when you return home
from your latest attempt.

Number 6 – You can now type 90 words per minute.

Number 5 – Your boss indicates that he has a task for you and you respond
“How many points is it worth?”

Number 4 – You have recurring nightmares about redistribution.

Number 3 – Your new nickname on the InternetworkExpert forum is “That poor bastard!”

Number 2 – During sex, all you can think about is full IGP reachability.

and the Number 1 Indication You Have Sat the Lab Too Many Times:

The proctor hands you your badge and says “You are on Rack 5 – AGAIN!”

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14 Responses to “The Top Ten Indications You Have Sat the Lab Too Many Times”

  1. remakin says:

    Really good one!
    We need more posts under CCIE Humor.
    That number 5…

  2. To Remakin – thanks for reading! Expect many more humor posts from your instructor team here.

    To Ivan and Aaron – guys too funny!!!!

  3. You mean everyone doesn’t think about IGP reachability during sex?

  4. #7 for those with kids: You get home and the kids say “Look mommy, Dad’s picture is moving today”.

  5. @Aaron: No, some of us are worried about BGP next hops :) )

  6. SickMonkey – hilarious. I LOVE the Volume Discount. lol

  7. SickMonkey says:


    The proctor offers picks you up at the airport on his way in.

    Cisco offers you a volume discount

    You can only type 10 words a minute cause tab doesn’t work in Word or Outlook.

    When you pick R5 to win over R3 by two touchdowns.

    When your mail gets returned due to the incorrect mask

    Cisco Training division sends you holiday greeting cards

    Comments: Your wife is actually there when you get back?

  8. SickMonkey says:

    PS, my laptop always gets PISSED when I accidentally change the config register. :\

  9. krisna says:

    lol…nice one dude.. :)

  10. Rack009 says:

    Indications You Have Sat the Lab Too Many Times:-

    You are worried that when your newborn arrives it’s in the same ward as your rack number.

    Your mother calls you and says “have you passed that computer exam yet”

    Airport security have a asterisk against your name on which implies “terror suspect, regular traveler, only one bag”

  11. NTllect says:

    you periodically trying to move cursor by ctrl+e and ctrl+a when emailing or icq’ing…

  12. Mar Apuhin says:

    Also when typing on the notepad, erasing a character, you would use ctrl+w, instead of pressing the delete.

    Lol! hahaha!

  13. Bob says:

    NTllect: What, your email and icq programs don’t have emacs keybindings?


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