Number 10 – Five words – “Shot of tequila, beer back.”

Number 9 – Change your Native American Indian name to Thinks Like Router.

Number 8 – Start studying for your recertification – NOT!

Number 7 – Use the Request Reread link on your Certification Status
page and enter the following in the Comments section “Reread THIS you
evil bastards!”

Number 6 – Tell any CCIE candidate you do not care for that there were 18
points of DLSw+ on your final lab attempt.

Number 5 – Pay off your credit card.

Number 4 – Phone family and friends to tell them that you are actually
still alive.

Number 3 – Request that your coworkers address you as First_Name,
Last_Name, Expert.

Number 2 – Get an InternetworkExpert tattoo, interesting body locations include…errrr…never mind!

And the Number One Thing To Do After Passing the Lab:


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11 Responses to “The Top Ten Things To Do After Passing the Lab”

  1. That is hilarious – advice on How To Do Nothing. Boy, we have changed as a species.

    I found this while checking out that Wiki…I certainly did not need this help back at UMASS Amherst…

  2. remakin says:

    1. Sleeep loads! You deserve it!
    2. Call family and all friends (and apologize?)
    3. Take a long vacation….
    4. Do Nothing – see the Wikihow.
    5. Get “CCIE” printed on ALL your stuff.
    6. If you dare, prep for another CCIE! ;-)

  3. While I am very good friends with Jeremy Cioara, I must admit you did keep this clean :)

    I will make sure marketing is aware of this very funny contribution.

  4. Rack09 says:

    1 – Finally explain to your girlfried/wife who Brian, Brian, Petr, Scott and Anthony are.

    2 – Say to your 10 month old son “hello mate, Im your daddy”

    3 – Ring your mother and tell her “I finally passed that computer exam”

    4 – Contact the British Embassy and explain your 4 weekly; one night visits to Brussels

    5 – Mow your lawn [mine looks worse than a RIB before summarization]

    6 – Ask you boss “Can I now have that rate increase”

    7 – Listen to proper music on your iPod in lieu of Audio CoD. (Scott Morris and his dulcet tones)

    8 – Consider proper European Breaks that exlude BELGIUM

    9 – Tell Jeremy Ciorra there is no EFFING ARP in Frame Relay!!! Arghhhh – Cmon’ Dennis, you know you want to!!!

    And finally:-
    10 – Come to terms with the real and true meaning of FECN :) – if you know what I mean baby!!! ;)

    Now Mr Sequira – Can I have a Internetwork T-Shirt for keeping this clean!!! ???

  5. Jeff Fry says:

    5. Tell your boss that you passed, and can he hold on a moment there is a recruiter on the other line
    4. Double check your results page
    3. Figure out what to do with all this free time!
    2. Study for the next one (See #3)
    1. Keep checking the CCIE Status page and make sure that it is you!

    There are some things that I can think of as well.

  6. Pushkar Bhatkoti says:

    Good stuffs!

    When I passed my CCIE voice lab, the next day my neighbor saw me in the street and ask where I have been and I told him that “I was busy doing one of the computer exam and finally after 9 month I have passed it”

    He congratulated me but couldn’t resist and asked me “what the hell this computer exam is about”. I replied with a big grin on my face “This cert is from one of the computer gear veodor”. He said, is that all? I have got a cert from big motor company “Holden” for being a excellent mechanics.
    Still people don’t know what the hell this computer based CCIE exam is about!!

    I still remember when I graduated from Sydney University and told my neighbor that “I am graduating” on a such a such date and belive me everyone knew what it was.

    BTW, how do u tell your neighbor’s and relative that you are a CCIE? I bet most of them won’t know what the hell it is!!


  7. Nick says:

    Actually your Number 10 should have been number 1… get DRUNK until the next exam!!!

  8. IPv6Freely says:

    Simple: Start searching for a new job! :D

  9. netadmkm says:

    I really start immediately studying for my next CCIE certification. However I am paying for I can not stop and I have a hard time to continue.

    It is crazy, I know.

  10. JanZ says:

    this post is so hilarious,here is what i did;
    1.I did apolozied to my wife and parents for not being there for them although i was physically there all the time :)

    2.I went to see people who thought i have gone nutts persuing CCIE…(loved the look on their faces).

    3.Went on holidays with my family and i loved it…:)

    4.and now preparing to join my new job with a new company with great prospects and am really looking forward to it

    i would love to have a go at SP track now with IE,but need to save a little before i could lunge into it.

  11. Rod says:

    …if and when it happens, take my wife on a Caribbean Cruise..she deserves it…


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