For those of you eagerly awaiting updates to the new IEWB-RS Volume 1 Version 5.0 labs you’ll be happy to know that a partial release of the IP Services section is now posted. The following topics in IP Services are now available for download on the members site:

13.1 Proxy ARP

13.2 DHCP Server

13.3 DHCP Client

13.4 DHCP Relay

13.5 DHCP Host Pool

13.6 DHCP On-Demand Pool

13.7 DHCP Proxy

13.8 DHCP Information Option

13.9 DHCP Authorized ARP

13.10 IP SLA

13.11 Object Tracking

13.12 HSRP

13.13 VRRP

13.14 GLBP

13.15 Router Redundancy and Objects Tracking

13.16 IRDP

13.17 Router ICMP Settings

13.18 Basic NAT

13.19 NAT Overload

13.20 NAT with Route Maps

13.21 Static NAT

13.22 Static PAT

13.23 NAT and IP Aliasing

13.24 Static Policy NAT

13.25 NAT with Overlapping Subnets

13.26 TCP Load Distribution with NAT

13.27 Stateful NAT with HSRP

13.28 Stateful NAT Primary/Backup

13.29 NAT Virtual Interface

13.30 NAT Default Interface

13.31 Reversible NAT

13.32 Static Extendable NAT

Please direct all questions related to this series to http://www.IEOC.com. More sections will become available this week as well, and an announcement will be posted on the blog and the IEOC site.

Happy Labbing!


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