10. Attempt to download pornography.
9. E-mail Brian Dennis from your iPhone.
8. Urinate in your chair. (Errr, according to the proctors – THIS HAPPENED!)
7. At the lunch break, speak of your recent successful investment in Nortel.
6. Doodle on your lab papers.
5. Two words – format c:
4. Feint. (Yeah, this happened too!)
3. Play paper football with the candidate in the next cube.
2. Begin a proctor question with “I hate to bother you, you evil bastard, but…”
And the Number 1 Thing Not to Do While Taking the CCIE Lab Exam:
1. After verifying a successful 4-point configuration task, stand on your chair and scream “I am a Cisco Router God!”

Note: Thanks to a recent high school grad, Andrew, on a Southwest flight for helping with this list. I am sure you will have great success in whatever you decide to pursue!

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4 Responses to “The Top Ten Things Not to Do While Taking the CCIE Lab Exam”

  1. Vladimir Kokshenev says:

    How about couple bottles of beer at lunch or right after reading the task at the very beginning?

    Or maybe as Brian Dennis proposed use this aliases for “en”, “ena”, “enab” etc. with regular expression ([0-9]*)(_\1)+ on your pod. Let the proctot be surprised.

  2. Following one of the previous discussions: don’t think about *** instead of BGP next hops :)

  3. To Ivan:

    That is absolutely hilarious! Thanks for reading – and contributing to the Cisco community with your excellent written works.

  4. Howard Hooper says:

    11. Wait for the proctor to finish their instructions with “Ok when you’re ready you can login to your router and start”…then turn to them with a confused look and say..”Router?”


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