Since the rumor seems to be out that something big is brewing at Internetwork Expert I thought I would let everyone know that yes we will be making a big announcement early next week.  Everyone just stay tuned!

Update:  A few people have asked if they should wait to make a purchase until after the annoucement.  The answer is no.   You actually have an advantage if you purchase before the annoucement.    Example:  if you purchase a self-paced E2E today and the self-paced E2E changes next week you are covered by our Investment Protection Program.

About Brian Dennis, CCIE #2210:

Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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31 Responses to “Major Announcement From Internetwork Expert Coming Early Next Week”

  1. dominique says:

    You guys are the best; you guy are the dream team not for ccie only, but true internetwork expert engineer also!
    Since from day 2006 I study all forum and all partner, I did a survey all the ccie I know in Canada , Internetwork expert it is way beyond CCIE, it is more difficult that the actual exam.
    Interwork expert is the ONE! the Matrix of the era of network expert!!!

    You will be the first Authorized Cisco Learning Solutions Partners selected by Cisco to deploy the program… I am sure because Cisco respects the partner and want to work partner; 5 instructors and 17 combined CCIE’s that crazy!!! Everybody are trying to study to pass CCIE, it is like back to the future. Cisco said ‘’Expert-level mentoring and training from the IT industry’s elite CCSI instructors’’

    You guys are the elite

    It is like Hellboy 3!!!!


  2. remakin says:

    Either(or some or all) of these people are joining Internetwork Expert…
    Narbik Kocharians
    Khawar Butt
    Jeff Doyle
    Rhadia Perlman
    Maurilio Gorrito
    Yusuf Bhaji
    John Chambers?! (Don’t underestimate IE!)
    IE is getting listed on the NYSE?
    And my personal favourite, you are FINALLY releasing the COMPLETE IEWB CCIE-R&S vol.1 ver.5!!
    So, Brian, did i get it???

  3. bam says:

    Vint Cerf uses IE’s products to finally get his digits. Congrats Vint!

  4. Colin West says:

    You’ve created the CCIE 360 Program that Cisco will use for their lab end to end study program!

  5. Marc La Porte says:

    Or IE bought TestKing? (joke!)

    Seriously, I hope it’s the release of the final version of the V5 for RS, but my guess is not

  6. Jo says:

    C’mon Anthony post a list of the top 10 IE rumors out there… :)

  7. amit chopra says:

    Or may be they are going to start 5 days bootcamp on Moon Planet in 2009 and booking is open for entire universe.

  8. xterm says:

    …or perhaps they’ve just had enough – they’re all going to buy an island somewhere and forget what CCIE stands for…

  9. Razvan Iliescu says:

    Maybe Brian, Scott and Petr passed the CCDE ;)

  10. David Jira says:

    From Cisco’s Learning 360 website:

    “The Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE Routing and Switching will be made available November 1, 2008, through select Authorized Cisco Learning Solution Partners and Cisco Learning Partners globally. Access the Cisco Learning Partner Locator here, November 1, 2008 to find an authorized Learning Partner in your region offering the program.”

    Hmmm, it’s going to be “made available” next Saturday. Either IE is giving us a really sweet treat or they’re tricking us pretty good! ;->

    As always, you guys rock!

  11. Jeff says:

    An interesting top 10…

    10. Wayne — somebody — joins Internetwork Expert
    9. Jeff Doyle joins Internetwork Expert
    8. Internetwork Expert gives away products for posting negative blogs against their competition on ccieblog.com
    7. The Brians start a blog on ccieblog.com
    6. Narbik Kocharians joins Internetwork Expert
    5. Internetwork Expert FINALLY releases the COMPLETE IEWB CCIE-R&S Vol.1 version 5
    4. Maurilio Gorrito joins Internetwork Expert
    3. Kennedy Clark writes an up-to-date Cisco LAN Switching book for Internetwork Expert
    2. Yusaf Bhaiji joins Internetwork Expert
    1. Brian and Brian enter the US Presidential race as a last-minute wildcard ticket…

  12. Johnny Cakes says:

    IE is giving away 10 free home labs that conform to the hardware specs of the new CCIE Wireless Blueprint.

  13. Johnny Cakes says:

    Anthony S. got in by phone to ask a question on the Cisco TV CCIE thingy today, maybe because Internetwork Expert is a learning partner and as I type this Brad Ellis, seems like they may both be partners…just a hunch.

  14. I can’t keep it under wraps anymore. The truth behind the new announcement:



  15. Jody says:

    That is too funny!

  16. CCIETalk.com says:

    The suspense is killing us all..

  17. Haresh says:

    Internetwork Expert is the best in the industry. No one can compete with you guys, all Class on Demand, Workbooks and Solution guide are excellent. The materials covered in class on demand and workbooks are in detail and nicely explained. Thanks to all the team members for making such a good product.

  18. Yanchong says:

    Maybe IE’s voice workbook volume II is available!

  19. Joshua says:

    Brian M. finished the Security lab breakdowns?

  20. Anthony Sequeira says:


    Thanks for all of the kind words.

    I can say now as an “insider”, this company is truly remarkable. Thanks, of course, in great part to our incredible customer base!

  21. Martin says:

    My Top 5

    5) Maybe IE joins forces with Heinz Ulm?
    4)IE starts delivering CCNP Training?
    3)IE sponsors a race between thier E2E customers and CCIE 360 students to see who qualifies the fastest?
    2)IE figures out a way to study entire CCIE Voice blue print using GNS3 and VMWARE
    1)IE denouces all cisco products and is named the first and only authorized providers of Juniper360 program

  22. Martin says:

    woops I forgot this one:

    IE announces New reality show who wants to be an internetwork engineer

  23. Tom says:

    I guess the headline is: “Cisco acquires network industry leading training company for $$$ millions.”.

  24. About the Investment Protection… this is the most AWESOME police in the industry… I must say that… I bought V.4, now IEWB1 is getting to Vol. 5, and I have access, and I´m sure if it gets to Vol. 6 I´ll still be protected… so… that´s great!

    One announcement would not stop me for getting the stuff or not, because my “investment” will be protected! So… no problems at all! :)

    Caue Wailemann

  25. [...] what they have to say on the whole Cisco CCIE 360 subject. I am also looking forward to what IE have to announce at some stage this week. Could they be offering the 360 program in some [...]

  26. Jason says:

    Come on Guys we are holding our breaths…

  27. Joe the SysAdmin says:

    Whatever happens don’t let Cisco take over IE. I would hate to see IE being run by Cisco and it already sounds like the Investment Protection policy will be going away after the announcement, maybe I am wrong but why would that not remain an advantage after the announcement? Sounds like Big company politics to me. Don’t get me wrong but I am tired of hearing how Cisco will be sending more and more jobs overseas and it seems like they could care less about American jobs and strengthening the country that made them who they are today. Cisco should not forget their roots after all they’re named after the city in which they were born and raised. They are just trying to profit the most they can out of all of us trying to get certified so we can become their Cisco Evangelist free of charge. I still think it’s worth getting certified just for the prestige that comes with it but I dont think I could proudly recommend Cisco products as I once used to.

  28. PLEASE NOTE: This announcement will not affect the status of our Investment Protection Program. All previous, current, and future purchases are still protected under this plan!

  29. Jimbo says:

    Heard from an insider of IE:
    Both Brian are going to be retired,
    it is a sad announcement. :-(

  30. Ray says:

    Missed the webcast. What was the announcement guys?


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