The Internet now has a new location for knowledge sharing when it comes to anything related to the CCENT Certification from Cisco Systems. Whether it is general questions or comments about the certification itself, or technical questions related to any entry-level networking technology, these forums are for you!

Just like our expert-level forums, these electronic collaboration areas are a friendly and fun way to have your questions answered anytime 24×7. Remember, the only foolish question is the one you do not ask.

If you are new to the forums, be sure to explore all of the features of the IEOC. For example, you can subscribe to forums and have posts sent right to your e-mail inbox.

We sincerely hope you use and enjoy these new forums; our staff of CCIEs and your enthusiastic study peers anxiously await your posts!

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2 Responses to “CCENT Forums Now Available on IEOC.COM”

  1. Denny says:

    In the CCENT exam how many simulators are there? What do they focus on, and what level of details is required?

  2. Please consider posting your questions in our http://www.ieoc.com – you will get much faster responses! :-)


    You can expect about 3 or 4 simulations on the CCENT exam. Here are some sample scenarios that would certainly be reasonable for the exam:

    - Configure RIP between three routers
    - Configure the initial configuration of a switch for a production network
    - Configure basic OSPF between two routers
    - Configure basic security on a switch or router


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