Number 10: “Will you please stop talking about VLANs at dinner parties!”

Number 9: “Daddy, what are those round things you keep staring at?”

Number 8: “Honey, it is Sunday, take a shower day!”

Number 7: “And this is my boyfriend’s office, he has promised to come out before the next blueprint change.”

Number 6: “You are going off to bootcamp? When did you enlist???”

Number 5: “I think Dad is starting to lose it Mom, he just demanded our lunch boxes possess globally unique IPv6 addresses.”

Number 4: “Are you sure you are smart enough to pass this test?”

Number 3: “The exam costs WHAT?????”

Number 2: “What the hell is this charge on my credit card for RENTMYRACK.COM????”

And the Number 1 Comment Heard from the Family of a CCIE Student:

Number 1: “No – I DO NOT want to see your routing table!”

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17 Responses to “The Top Ten Comments Heard from the Family of a CCIE Student”

  1. luisgarcia says:

    I swear by this one, hear it constantly:

    “Do you think you will pass?”

    Umm… I don’t know?

  2. LOL

    “What one man can do – any man can do!”

  3. Best one would be,I actually heard it today in a forum,concerning the pictures of my rack in my blog.

    I quote “Nice tight rack you got there!”

  4. Ibraheem says:


    “What one man can do – any man can do!”

    Haa haa, yeah,
    I keep trying to walk on water, but i just keep getting wet!!

  5. Brandon Roberson says:

    Man this is pretty funny!

    Best top ten since routergod.com

  6. Edwinrg00 says:

    Number 9 does speak to me. My son would ask Daddy way do you always draw clouds with circles and sticks in them?

  7. David Chances says:


    What really is the purpose of a router? And this time please don’t use the Post Office analagy.

  8. Roger says:

    What I always hear is:
    What does this CCIE really mean? What do you get?
    Who is Cisco? -> Aha, like a Microsoft thing….

    And my favourite one on which I totally agree: Don’t you think 15 hours of working and studying per day are enough????

    :o )

  9. Steve says:

    This was from a neighbor.

    “Studying?, you should have a word with my 14 year old nephew, he knows everything there is to know about computers”

  10. Atif says:

    “C” as in Cast or Cat.
    It happened to me,
    Why Dad always studies only one subject (K)isco?

  11. Burhan says:

    really this is the truth of our life.we like it in this way…..some time really difficult to ex plane others wt CCIE mean to US.

  12. Bob says:

    “Daddy, what are those round things you keep staring at?”

    Say what? Birds and bees talk?

  13. My daughter was talking about the official Cisco icon graphics!


  14. Darby Weaver says:


    I think I said that but I don’t think I was thinking like that when I actually said that…


  15. Maher El Zein says:

    The most thing I was hearing from my wife when I was preparing for my lab exam:

    What is this CCIE and why it is so difficult. No problem if you failed.

  16. JC.Bogard says:

    Good old number 3 – “It Cost how much?”, Airfare, hotel – what do you mean it’s not included…

  17. Matthew George says:

    Haha!! Number 2 made me laugh pretty good…

    Did Scott come up with that one? lol…


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