For many CCIE candidates, it has been a long time since they reviewed the theories and nit-picky details required to pass the new Core Technologies short-answer section of the CCIE R/S Lab Exam. Many recent passing candidates have reported that an excellent form of preparation has been my CCIE Written Flash Card product with Cisco Press. I have decided to help create a superior, specifically targeted product here at Internetwork Expert to assist the many students concerned about this new section.

This new simulation product from Internetwork Expert will feature a consistently updated database of questions, along with several modes for your different practice sessions. At the very least, candidates should consider waking up with a quick 4 question quiz each day during their studies. What could be more fun??? :-)

Here is a sneak peek at the product – enjoy! Just click the link below:

Sample Core Technology Simulation

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26 Responses to “Test Drive the New Core Knowledge Simulation Product”

  1. Nick says:

    Cool, When will it be released fully and what will the price be?

  2. Nick says:

    Umh, I answered 3 out of 4 right, but it only picked up 1 correct answer :(

  3. This is just a sample of the logic of the questions. The finished product will be more lenient about what type of answers are taken as correct. Also in the actual exam this section is graded manually.

  4. Dragons & Faeries says:

    Omg…I put 125ms as the default Tc for Cisco FRTS and got it wrong…lol.

    • Hey Dragons and Faeries – you would have gotten it correct of course :-) At least let’s hope it would not have required a re-read. Great job…and we fixed the grading on that one – thanks for the heads up.

  5. Be sure to use the review feature so you can see the phrases it grades for. And as Brian pointed out, the actual Core Technology section of the exam is manually graded so be sure to self grade where necessary.

    Cisco stated recently the typical response requires no more than 4 or 5 words- so let’s get in the habit of being brief.

    For the latest info on these questions-see our original blog post on the subject:

  6. Jeff says:

    Sweet! Any idea on a product release date and price?

  7. Dana Y says:

    Yayy!! I answered 3 out of 4 correct :) ! What an awesome product! Any idea on the price? I am very interested.

  8. Alex says:

    3/4, IPv6 :(

    great product! It feels good to know some answers. I can’t wait to get it full! I wish I didn’t book my lab for next week!

  9. remakin says:

    awww… This is excellent stuff!
    i will be picking this one up from IE.
    thanx alot!

  10. bam says:

    should we assume we have access to the doc during the quiz?

  11. No – you do not have that access bam.

    Please look over this post on the subject of these questions in the exam:

  12. Raheel says:

    Kool product….Just wondering why Cisco calls this part Core Technology. Is it just the Core topics or non core stuff could also be asked?

  13. heheheh… Good to have these toys! For the record, I got 4 of 4. But I did have to sit and debate with myself on how to enter things. (Saves me from whining and complaining though! (smirk))

    One command seen on the FRTS part, I entered “125 ms” with the space in there. Please note that in the real lab, these are graded by proctors (e.g. live humans, not something automated).

    If the proctors have enough time on their hands to truly care “125ms” vs “125 ms”, then we are all just hosed. :)

  14. Raheel – I am pretty sure that is the exact name – someone needs to confirm.

    PLEASE NOTE: It is not just CORE questions – it is questions potentially from the entire blueprint.

  15. Rizzo says:


    Is there any chance getting similar product for CCIE Security candidates? We always got ignored by Cisco Press and others. Why is that?

    I hope IE will do something for us.


  16. Hey Rizzo!

    Nice to see you here! Great idea – the minute Cisco announces the addition of these questions to the Security Track, we will begin development of the Security version.

    In fact, as a student in that track, I can honestly say that those questions would be a lot more daunting since there is even more theory behind many of the configurations.

    Thanks for the awesome heads up!

  17. Timothy Chin says:


    I have been trying to find out where I can purchase your flash card product as it is no longer for sale on Cisco Press nor sites like Amazon. Do you know where I can purchase a copy? Also do you know approximitely when the InternetworkExpert product will be available? My lab date is Mar. 17 and was wondering if it will possibly be available before then.

  18. Hi Timothy!

    We will do our best to get this out as early as end of next week (3/13/2009)

    Almost all of the Flash Card book copies are snatched up – you can still find some over-priced copies around, but I think you will be better off brushing up using the Internet and our product once released:*listing*title

  19. nydimka23 says:

    awesome product … :-) any idea how much it will cost?

  20. bgl says:

    Excellent simulation idea. I hope to see this as part of the IE study track. I would definitely find this helpful in my day to day studies.

  21. [...] Internetwork Expert has begun work on a Core Technology Simulation Product and you can sample four questions from that product here.  I got 3 out of 4, but – once again – missed the IPv6 question. [...]

  22. Andy Hogard says:

    Hmm, well I took the liberty of test driving your product. Its pretty well designed and kept simple. Loved the interface. I do hope that you guys decide to keep the price fairly low/reasonable for this one. :)

    I scored a 2 :’( ..Well I goof’d up on the ipv6 question so thats 1 wrong for sure. And the other ospf question, was correctly answered as “Type 5 lsa” and guess, what it wasn’t amongst the correct answers. :D

    So if it was a graded my the box, it would have been fail for me.

  23. Hi Andy!

    Great job! You passed! A proctor will manually grade so no worries on the nit-picky grading of our engine.

    The product will release very soon and we are still working out details on price and such.


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