Following the release of the highly rated CCENT course, Internetwork Expert is hard at work on the companion CCNA course! Look for more announcements regarding the release soon as well as plenty of sample materials.

As always – thank you for choosing INE for your Cisco Certification training!

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10 Responses to “CCNA: Coming Soon!”

  1. nwachonky says:

    no plans for CC[n,i,s]P programs

  2. Steve says:

    Great! Expaaaaannnnnd…. growwww, take over the world! ;)

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  4. Shane says:

    Looking forward to this :)

  5. We are having so much fun – we want to do all levels!

    How exciting to take a candidate from “what is a router” all the way to expert level!

  6. Joe H. says:

    Any update on a potential release date for the product?

  7. Hi Joe!

    Module 1 of 5 will be done next week. I am guessing Sales may consider selling soon as students can view the modules as they are posted each week.

  8. Joe H says:

    Hi, any more news on a release of this yet? Thanks!

  9. We are working on it now. I will see about releasing it In Progress so students can start enjoying the lessons that are complete.

  10. Joe H says:

    Thanks for the update!


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