We are updating the Core Knowledge Simulation to provide what many of you have asked for – a link to More Information for every question. Also, during use of the All Questions version, the correct answer will display after each question.

As we update each question with the More Information feature, the question will receive a Question ID number visible in the lower right corner. If you see this Question ID number during one of the random quizzes, you will know More Information can be found in the All Questions master database. Remember, when navigating in the All Questions product, you can use the slider bar at the bottom to quickly move around in the database.

Thanks so much for all of the feedback regarding this product! As promised, this product will continue to improve over time.   

To test drive a sample of the new All Questions functionality, click the link below:

Click Here to Test Drive

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14 Responses to “CCIE R/S Core Knowledge Simulation Receiving Major Improvements”

  1. Realpro27 says:

    When should we expect to see these changes incorporated in all questions?

  2. Nick says:

    This is great, im glad i bought this product!

  3. federico says:

    thank you i ‘ve really appreciated the improvements.

  4. Ricardo Simba says:

    Well done.

  5. Dana says:

    Thank you! I am loving this product.

  6. ryan says:

    When I first found out about the core knowledge section of the test, I felt a little sick to my stomach. I’m glad to see it’s a more of a refresher and it’s been helping me with my labs. Any idea when the loading speed will be increased? I’ve also run into issues with the 20 question version.

    Other than that, it’s great.

  7. Loading speed for the Random Quizzes is being investigated.

    Please let me know of any issues you encounter with any version – thanks!

  8. Nabeel says:

    Thank you for making the core knowledge product simply a great and a tool that not only use to judge knowledge but also to improve the areas with great links to read. This approach is more near and i think very necessary to track for the lab prepration.


  9. george says:

    The “more info” is not yet available. Do you have any new updates on this?

  10. The More Info button is now available for all 305 questions in the database. You will find the button in the ALL QUESTIONS version of the product.

  11. thomas says:

    The “more info” is not yet available on my version. And I’ve only 203 questions and not 305.
    thanks thomas

  12. dream says:

    good I like this


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