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20 Responses to “Sign Up for the CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp Today!”

  1. Amit Chopra says:


    You have mentioned earlier in your last post on this blog and Open lecture that , This product will be avaiable for purchase in May or June? now showing July in purchase link for COD?

    Amit Chopra

  2. I was referring to the Live Online – note that is available in June – sorry for the confusion. Also note the Live Online includes the recorded virtual classroom version.

  3. Rodney says:

    Very disappointed that that the Class on-Demand will not be available until July, Seems like a long time , Was looking for class to be available in May, Just as the previous responder stated , If product is ready why do COD users have to wait until July.

  4. Razvan says:

    Are there any plans to release a Security Written Bootcamp ?

  5. Amit Chopra says:

    That is right Rodney – This is what I am referring in my post. It is seems that COD is in process to complete, the instructor has showed already 2 example of COD so yes I am also bit disappointed because it is not only help in CCIE written but also greatly help in CCIE lab as well. It is almost 3 month long wait…..

  6. lukas says:

    Hi,is any chance to start a course this month? I get layoff and just started my CCIE written preparation.

  7. Hello everyone!

    I will speak to Sales and Marketing on Monday.

    I think one option is to release the modules as we quality check them – like we are currently doing with the Version 5 workbook.

    I think I could have Module 1 General Networking Theory ready to go as early as 4/13.

    How does this sound to our readers?

  8. Amit Chopra says:

    Sound good to me – In this way , we will get the incremental updates just like v5 workbook.

    and yes , more reason to always check IE blog every morning to see if they posted something on CCIE written bootcamp :)

    Amit Chopra

  9. Yeah – unlike almost ALL of our competition in this space, our materials are consistently updated. Look at the CCENT General blog entries for an example of what we have done with that new online course.

    So yeah – I think this makes sense – I will speak with Sales/Marketing as I indicated and we will figure out something.

    One concern I see is that Practice Exams for the CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp will not be available until early June, but again, at least students can be working in the course up to that point.

  10. Rodney says:

    Yes, this sounds like a good idea to me , I can at least start looking at the course material while the test questions are being put together for each section, I have been using cisco press R/S study guide, but I also want to use your written Boot Camp to make sure I am really on track with my prep for CCIE written test, I need to pass CCIE written the first time out, money is very tight now, So please bring the material out as soon as possible and if you have to make updates I will go back and look at material again , my goal is to be ready for R/S written by early summer. I swear by your study material, INE has the best Cisco prep material on the market bar none!!!

  11. Cool Rodney – in fact – you bring up a great point – you will be doing simulation written questions in that chapter – just the huge FULL PRACTICE EXAMS you will have to wait on.

    I hope many of our current CCIE Written passers consider this course…I find many of my bootcamp students still have huge gaps in their knowledge from poor written prep strategies.

  12. RoastDog says:

    I can see where this could be beneficial for the “open ended questions” as well. Probably not a purchase just for that reason, but if you already have it in your account, may be good as a refresh at some time prior the actual lab exam.

  13. Amit Chopra says:

    Just want to clear here, this product not only help those individuals that preparing for CCIE written but also equally help CCIE lab candidates because of new Open ended question requirement. Even though IE has released the separate program call “open ended simulation” this written product really help for CCIE Lab candidate as well.

    Now you can work on different IE products for any technology to solidify your knowledge for example take OSPF section:

    Follow this step:

    Step 1) Primary Step : – Ready ccie written book for OSPF chapter

    Step 2) Go through CCIE written boot camp for OSPF section

    Step 3) Go through advance technology class for OSPF section

    Step 4) check Open lecture for OSPF section

    Step 5) Now Lab time : Go through v5 V1 lab book for OSPF section

    Step 6) Play with “Open ended simulation question

  14. Hey,

    I just purchased this product and have blogged a little of it on my blog ;-) . I hope that it can be released in pieces as you said in one of your posts. I enjoyed the WCCP and Multicast sample chapters and it was kinda nice to see the questions part in those videos. Let us know once you have things sorted out with Sales/Marketing. Hopefully it will be a positive answer :-) .

  15. Paul Vaysberg says:

    I am just starting my CCIE studies, looks like this is a great way to pass the written. Provided that at the conclusion of this class I fully understand the material discussed, are there any other resources that you would recommend I use before taking the written?


  16. Hi Paul!

    This class will be all you need, especially considering that it will be linking you to free study documentation on the Internet that enhances the class curriculum.

  17. Paul Vaysberg says:


    I am eager to purchase this, but I would like to wait until the first module is available. What is the current release date for the first module(s)?


  18. Henry says:

    Is this included as part of the CCIE 2.0 package?

  19. We will be sure to make a decision on a release date this week of April 12th.

  20. Hi Henry – it is a 2.0 Add On – this means that existing 2.0 customers get a huge discount.


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