I have received tons of requests to make the self-paced Class On Demand version of the new CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp available as soon as possible. I think the main reason is that many students want to refresh on written knowledge is the new Core Knowledge section of the exam. I am pleased to announce the release schedule of this new course, and the fact that it will be available later this week! This course will be available as an ADD ON for existing CCIE 2.0 customers. This means those folks can receive it at an incredible discount. Enjoy!

  • Module 1 General Networking Theory available the week of April 20
  • Module 2 LAN Switching available the week of April 27
  • Module 3 IP available the week of May 11
  • Module 4 IP Routing available the week of May 18
  • Module 5 QoS available the week of May 25
  • Module 6 WAN available the week of June 1
  • Module 7 IP Multicast available the week of June 8
  • Module 8 Security available the week of June 15
  • Module 9 MPLS and Module 10 IPv6 available the week of June 29

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8 Responses to “The CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp Available this Week!”

  1. Paul Vaysberg says:

    I am very glad to hear this. I just ordered this and look forward to passing my written soon.

  2. Amit Chopra says:

    Really great news for all of us….

    Big Cheers

  3. Rodney says:

    Thank you, I will be purchasing the course this week, also will there a discount for students that have purchased other course material.

  4. Hi Rodney – yeah – just talk to your sales rep! I am sure many of you can get a discount based upon the amount of business you have done with us in the past. :-)

    I look forward to “seeing” you in class!

  5. Giorgio P. says:

    no offence but are you going to be able to keep this schedule without delays ?
    You are fantastic but sometimes it seems that you run this Company on your own :)

    • Yep – this schedule will be hit!

      Thanks for reminding me I am here alone – I just gave myself a massive raise. ;-)

      I can assure you everyone is hard at work – just behind the scenes. :-)

  6. Nish says:

    Hey, …the first module is gonna be available tonight??

  7. Hi Nish!

    The first module is done! I will post a sample today on the blog with the links for everyone to purchase.

    It will be showing up in everyone’s accounts on Monday!


    I cannot wait to get your feedback on the course.


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