The latest version of the R/S Core Knowledge Simulation released today.

This new version includes the use of Self Graded questions in order to allow the product to more closely simulate the actual Lab Exam Core Knowledge section.

Here is a sample of a four question quiz from the prouct:

4 Question Quiz Sample

The product also includes:

  • 20 Question Random Quiz
  • 40 Question Random Quiz
  • Answer Key Version with critical More Information links and Instructor Tips

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4 Responses to “Version 3.0 of the R/S Core Knowledge Simulation Released Today”

  1. Rodney says:


    Can this test engine be setup in a way that if you miss a random test question that when you go back to review your questions you get the more info and instructor tip buttons so you can review at that point and not have to go to the other databases inorder to get further explanation of the answer.

  2. Hi Rodney!

    Yeah – we would love to do that with the random quizzes – but right now – now way to pull that off with our engine.

    We will keep looking at alternatives, however.

  3. Rodney says:


    I have a question regarding the real Core simulation given by cisco.
    If a question is asked what protocol is not support by IPV6 with regards to frame-relay and your answer is INVERSE ARP Instead of INVERSE-ARP
    will that question be marked incorrect on the exam or can the proctor look at your response and say your answer is correct even though your response did not match the answer key, I have missed questions on the R/S core sim because they did not match letter for letter with the answer key, will cisco do the same thing.

  4. Hi Rodney!

    In the lab exam, there is no computer grading of these questions, so you will be fine.

    We have added the self-grade questions to the Simulation product to help with this issue, ad allow more flexibility in your responses.


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