The latest track to receive a Core Knowledge Section is Security.

The new section arrives Jun 15, 2009. INE hopes to have the new CCIE Security Core Knowledge Simulation released on May 20, 2009.

Here is the official Cisco link (which does not say much):

Official Cisco Announcement

Here is some facts about this new section:

  • You must complete this portion of the exam before you start the traditional configuration portion.
  • You have a total of 30 minutes to complete this section, you may finish early if you like and immediately begin your configuration section.
  • You will receive 4 questions via the computer and you must provide short answers using the computer interface. The questions are not oral in nature. Typical responses require 4 to 5 words at most.
  • Spelling and/or grammar does not count against you.
  • The questions are manually graded by a proctor. If you purchase an exam re-read, they will re-grade your question responses.
  • You may not return to the short answer questions once you have begun the configuration portion of the lab exam.
  • You will not receive a score when you complete this section, but you must pass this portion to pass the CCIE. You will receive your score in the open-ended section if you fail the exam. The score is reported as 0% or 100% (pass or fail). You may only miss one question in the section in order to pass.
  • Most students finish the 4 to 5 questions in approximately 12 minutes.
  • The configuration portion of the exam has been reduced to accommodate this initial 30 minutes.
  • You still have a total of 8 hours that makeup the open-ended questions and the configuration portion.
  • You may not access the DOC-CD to answer these questions.

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12 Responses to “Core Knowledge Section to Hit the CCIE Security Track”

  1. John Spaulding says:

    About time they stopped picking on the Route and Switch track….

  2. Rizzo says:

    It seems Cisco is fully fumed and hitting roof. Now employer should start paying good salaries to CCIE’s, as its getting harder to gain CCIE. Good for Candidate and Employers.

  3. Razvan says:

    What about the new Security exam ? It’s been almost a month since it’s birth. Do you have any feedback ?

  4. It is good to see cisco has Finally woken up a touch too late though.

    The beating CCIE reputation has taken especially in the last year will still take a very long time to recover Salaries for CCIE R&S has never been so low.

    Similarly in the last six month before the new Security blueprint hit the Lab Max Security People passed out including me (4th attempt though).

    till the time that happen we all stand to lose and suffer in some measure or other.

    good riddnace finally it seems chitsmas is over for fakers.

    chandan sharma

    R&S, Security)

  5. CiscoLover says:

    Well, In term of Salaries whole IT is badly effected because we don’t have any representing body to look after our interest. Its seems most talented field with most saturated who can’t look after their own fellows.

    In term of Cisco certification, we have more job cuts and drop of sales. Yeah, Security is tougher then R&S but less in demand and same for CCSP. Just look job portals. :(

    Yes, we are loser on every front and employer always be winner all time. Especially in this so called recession or economical down turn or dot com bubble burst blah blah. Every time those sweet words stink us badly then any others and we start offer cheap rates to get jobs. Sad and sicking.

  6. Puneet says:

    When are all the security related labs going to be released ? I am dying to get my hands on the ver 5.0 labs :)

  7. Robert says:

    The reason why salaries are down is not the ccie bad reputation, it’s the economy. Cisco sales are down, companies are laying people off, and anytime you have a lot of people looking for jobs this will happen. Just my 2 cents…..,.

  8. Rizzo says:

    I have heard and read Lab is testing more skills of break & Fix or troubleshooting. What are you planning to do in new updates of WBs? Will you be re-writing the WB Vol1, Vol2 plus ATC CoD to reflect new changes? I know you have already released few updates but its not that too late.

    I personally think at the end of each section of technology lab in Vol 1, it would be nice to add small faults to break the configs then ask candidates/user to fix it. That way we will be building skills bit by bit from start, which can pave the path for WB Vol2 Labs.

    Secondly, I would like to know your thoughts about preparation strategies.

  9. Yanchong says:

    Could the Security Volume I VPN part2 and aother one Volume II labs will be released this month?

  10. khaleel says:

    Could the Security Volume I VPN part2 and few Volume II labs will be released this month? pls update on time.

  11. Rohit says:

    Thats excellent news .. I hope they do it for all tracks soon..

  12. SickMonkey says:

    Can you give us a progress update on the v3 materials?


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