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we’ve just posted the remaining labs in the BGP sections and the content should be available to all subscribed accounts. There are now 61 feature-focused labs in total, listed below. From now on, we will focus on the new blueprint topics for CCIE R&S track, as outlined in New CCIE R&S Reload. The updates for VOL1 and VOL2 will go in parallel. Anyone preparing to the new lab according to the new blueprint could safely use the current labs for their practice and practice the new material as it being posted.

Happy studying!

The list of BGP topics follows:

Establishing iBGP Peerings
Establishing EBGP Peerings
BGP Update Source Modification
Multihop EBGP Peerings
Neighbor Disable-Connected-Check
Authenticating BGP Peerings
iBGP Route Reflection
Large Scale iBGP Route Reflection with Clusters
iBGP Confederation
BGP Next-Hop Processing – Next-Hop-Self
BGP Next-Hop Processing – Manual Modification
iBGP Synchronization
BGP over GRE
BGP Redistribute Internal
BGP Peer Groups
BGP Network Statement
BGP Auto-Summary
BGP Bestpath Selection – Weight
BGP Bestpath Selection – Local Preference
BGP Bestpath Selection – AS-Path Prepending
BGP Bestpath Selection – Origin
BGP Bestpath Selection – MED
BGP Bestpath Selection – Always Compare MED
BGP Bestpath Selection – AS-Path Ignore
BGP Bestpath Selection – Router-IDs
BGP Bestpath Selection – DMZ Link Bandwidth
BGP Bestpath Selection – Maximum AS Limit
BGP Backdoor
BGP Aggregation
BGP Aggregation – Summary Only
BGP Aggregation – Suppress Map
BGP Aggregation – Unsuppress Map
BGP Aggregation – AS-Set
BGP Aggregation – Attribute-Map
BGP Aggregation – Advertise Map

BGP Communities
BGP Communities – No-Advertise
BGP Communities – No-Export
BGP Communities – Local-AS
BGP Communities – Deleting
BGP Conditional Advertisement
BGP Conditional Route Injection
BGP Filtering with Prefix-Lists
BGP Filtering with Standard Access-Lists
BGP Filtering with Extended Access-Lists
BGP Regular Expressions
BGP Filtering with Maximum Prefix
BGP Default Routing
BGP Local AS
BGP Local AS Replace-AS/Dual-AS
BGP Remove Private AS
BGP Dampening
BGP Dampening with Route-Map
BGP Convergence Timers
BGP Fast Fall-over
BGP Outbound Route Filtering
BGP Soft Reconfiguration
BGP Next-Hop Trigger
BGP TTL Security
BGP AllowAS in

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8 Responses to “IEWB-RS VOL1 v5.0: BGP Section Posted”

  1. John Spaulding says:

    Awesome!! thanks for the updates…Does this mean that the new LAB2 VOL5 will be updated for the new 4.0? I am taking my test in JULY and have went through all VOL2 ver 5 labs and was wondering. thanks

  2. Barooq says:

    I am hoping, it doesnt slow down security updates?
    Those were supposed to be all done in late June/early july ?:S

  3. Dragons & Faeries says:


    Fantastic job on this…Thanks!

    I’ve noticed that this list of 61 labs is different from the original list posted here: Specifically, these labs are missing:

    BGP Bestpath Selection – Deterministic MED
    BGP Bestpath Selection – Cost Community
    BGP Bestpath Selection – RIB Failure
    BGP Local AS No Prepend
    BGP Timers Tuning (Scan/Advertise Interval, Keepalives)
    BGP Neighbor Fallover
    BGP Maximum Prefix
    BGP AS Override
    BGP Policy Accounting & Propagation
    BGP Match Source Protocol
    BGP Traffic Index
    BGP Remotely Triggered Blackhole
    BGP QoS Policy Propagation

    Is this the final release of the BGP section? If so, could you please provide some insights as to why the aforementioned topics are left out, other than the fact that the final product is slightly different from its original goal?

  4. Yanchong says:

    I am reading the Security VolumeI vpn section, they are very nice!
    Thanks for your great post!

  5. Rizzo says:


    Please don’t delay Security Updates for SC-Vol1 and Vol2. We are still waiting for Sec ATC CoD to be released.

  6. John says:


    Does this mean that wbI v5.0 for exam version 3.0 has been finalized in regards to the number of topics that was planned to be included in this workbook?

    • To: All

      With respect to BGP, our task list has changed a little bit. I’ve decided not to cover the complex scenarios such as QPPB and RTBH for a moment (they are more likely to be SP or SC topics); They are still on the todo list though. So far, VOL1 looks about 95% complete; there are still some “to be done” labs in a few sections, and we plan to add those along with the new Cisco RS v4.0 blueprint updates.

      Right now, the focus is on the new updates for R&S, SC and VO tracks. As you can imagine there is a ton of work to do here, and we’re getting 100% busy with that :) Not to mention the classes running in between. No matter what though, the incremental updates are to appear periodically for all tracks.

  7. Antonio says:

    Are you guys still posting the link to the MPLS seminar you guys hosted via the internet couple weeks ago.


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