Module 4 IP RoutingLesson 3 OSPF Adjacencies and Troubleshooting of the CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp has been updated to include an interactive demonstration of the configuration of NBMA mode in a hub and spoke Frame Relay environment. The interactive demonstration occurs just after the discussion of the various OSPF Network Types. Remember, you can use the Class On Demand controls at the bottom of the interface to fast forward to this new content if you prefer.

As always, enjoy your studies!

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2 Responses to “CCIE R/S Written BC Update: OSPF NBMA Mode Interactive Demonstration”

  1. Nish says:


    We need all the CCIE lab candidates, who are using this course for review purposes, to contribute towards the improvment of this course. All these guys and offcourse the instructors have a better understanding of the exam content and know the important and tough topics that we’ll starters might have to deal with in the future.

  2. Giorgio P. says:

    I am in full agreement.

    the QOS marking part could greatly benefit from a nice table that includes all the marking tools and their dependency . I know you can get it from access-list 100 permit ip any any [precedence, dscp etc ] ? but you need a router. Also some of the easy to forget formulas that convert them into other ones,for instance AF# into dscp etc.
    Thank you


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