Hello all! Writing to you from the 2009 Networkers Conference in San Fran. I hope all readers around the world are well today and feeling the buzz about Cisco technologies.

We have many of the CCIE R/S Written Bootcamp students testing this week at the Networkers Conference. As such, we made Practice Exam 1 a priority and completed it last night. It is now posted and available in all Member’s Sites.

This 100 question practice exam covers all topics within scope and should defintely pinpoint any of your weak areas. Enjoy!

NOTE: The actual CCIE R/S Written is currently 105 questions, but only 100 of the questions are graded.

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6 Responses to “CCIE R/S 3.X Written Practice Exam 1 Complete”

  1. Nish says:


    Is this just the first Pratcise exam of many more to come???

  2. Rodney says:


    Do you have to complete all questions on the actual CCIE R/S written exam within the 2 hour window or you automatically fail the exam.

  3. James says:

    Practice exams are becoming ever so popular! Thanks for providing this useful information and keep up the good work…….


  4. Todd says:

    can you take the current 3.0 written now, if you plan to take the 4.0 lab after Oct 18th? Or do you need to wait and take the 4.0 written after Oct 18th as well?

  5. Great question – go for it – clear the 3.x written and you will be fine for the 4.x lab!


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