We are so thrilled to announce that all INE R/S Mock Lab Workshops now feature a Core Knowledge Section for each Mock Lab used in the event. These workshops also include strategy discussions and preparation approaches to ensure you breeze through this new CCIE R/S Lab component.

See you in class!

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4 Responses to “INE R/S Mock Lab Workshops Now Feature Core Knowledge”

  1. Malick Ndiaye says:

    Good thing he makes the mock lab as real as the actual CCIE lab. Will the online mock have Core Knowledge Section? I think that would be a good move also for people who cannot attend the mock lab workshops.

  2. Yeah – we are going to add the Core Knowledge to all Mock Labs. In fact – it will be proctor graded just like the real thing!

    In the meantime – if you do a mock lab and want the core knowledge section that goes with it – just email me.

  3. Segun Toriola says:

    Hi, i have a mocklab scheduled in about a week time. Do i expect the open ended to be part of it.
    Also, do the BBs have the same initial configs in the online mocklabs as in the vol 2 workbooks?

  4. Hi Segun!

    Just send me an email the day before your Mock Lab and I will send you the Core Knowledge section!

    Be sure to indicate what Mock Lab you are taking.


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