On Monday, the CCIE R/S Written Class on Demand will be updated with an interactive exercise on eBGP peering. If you would like to experience the new exercise right away, just click the link below.

Have fun, and as always, thanks so much for choosing INE!

eBGP Peering

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5 Responses to “CCIE R/S Written Course Update – eBGP Peering”

  1. Faisal says:


    Thanks for having constant incremental updates to the CCIE R&S written bootcamp with addition of exercises. Hope to see more updates in future.


  2. Nish says:


    Are you planning on updating any more topics on the CoD….

  3. Yes.

    Do you have any specific requests Nish?

  4. Nish says:

    Hi…one problem I am having is remembering/figuring out how the different LSA types traverse through the various OSPF Area types….e.g. hoe for stub, totally-stubby, NSSA..etc…i understand the various LSA’s permitted through these Areas….but what i fail to figure out at times is how the various other LSA’s from other OSPF areas travel to the particular “special OSPF Area” and vice-versa….just gets a bit confusing for me…

    I know u suggested flashcards for memorization …but I guess this is a conceptual problem…

  5. Todd says:


    This course is awesome, you did a great job on this. I just wanted to add that the MPLS info was a little light for me. I found some really good info at the following:

    The part 1 of this doc over basic mpls and the section on how an mpls vpn works under part 7 – configuring l3 mpls vpns ties it all together. A lot of new terminology and acronyms to get familiar with.


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