Want to see what Petr looks like? Want a tour of the Reno classroom? Want to see your class picture?

Check out INE on Facebook today!

Hate Facebook but still want the Reno classroom tour? Take it on Youtube:


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11 Responses to “Check Out INE on Facebook!”

  1. Nish says:

    Hey…little Anabella is right….INE totally ROCKS!!!!

    I would love get down there someday and be a part of the whole INE “onsite bootcamp” experience…..

  2. amit chopra says:

    Amazing class on demand

  3. Yes – more pics weekly!!!!

  4. Rack009 says:

    Are there are pictures of the Brians? I have always wanted to put a face to the names.

    Otherwise, what a great video, I too am looking forward to visiting there one day soon.

  5. amit chopra says:

    Hi – I like the facebook idea , at least now I can see you how you look hehehe :)

  6. Andrius Adamavicius says:

    Andrew, are you talking about this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9a0tKNS2mrg&feature=channel_page ?

    Btw, I found an INE name on the CCBOOTCAMP’s CCIE Hall of Fame :)

  7. Andrew Dempsey says:

    Just look up the youtube clip where the Brians talk about their use of CCBOOTCAMP. ;)

  8. Bradley says:



    Dennis is on the left, McGahan is the one they have to pan waaaaaaaayyyyyyy down on to get in frame. :)

  9. Rack009 says:

    Hey, thanks for that Bradley.

  10. Yeah, I should NOT be on their hall of fame. I taught for them, didn’t use the product to pass my labs.

    But it’s all in marketing spin, right? ;)

  11. Andrius Adamavicius says:

    But they are not the only one who “uses” you in they hall of fame.


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