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15 Responses to “INE Podcasts Now Featured on iTunes!”

  1. Mohamed Z. Ibrahim says:

    I find it…but unfortunately it is not currently avaliable in the Egyptian Store..:(

  2. admin says:

    Does comment need approved?

  3. Edwin says:


    I see the OSPF clean version, where’s the dirty one? :-)

  4. Edwin!

    I cannot thank you enough for that laugh!

  5. Faisal says:

    Mohamed Z. Ibrahim,

    One way to get out of your store restriction is to logout of your itunes account and change your store to USA or UK and browse the itunes store for INE and subscribe to the podcast. My store also does not list the podcast and I could get around by following the above steps. At some point later if you would like to re-enter your Egypt Store you could do so and login with you itunes ID. But whenever you need updates for the INE podcast you need to change your store and to do so without any hiccups logout of you itunes ID and change the store.
    If you change it with your ID that is registered with Egypt Store then you need to follow a lengthy process and it would fail if you don’t have a Postal Address in USA or Credit Card in USA.


  6. federic0 says:

    ok, now only a TV broadcast channel remains, i got also the prime-time show’s name: “who wants to be a CCIE” with featured open ended questions and real lab simulations.

    :) )

  7. Ron says:

    Folks, what type of content do we get on these Podcasts?

    Note:I do not have an iPod yet, but if you tell me this is viable I can certainly consider buying an iPod.

  8. Thanks for the help Faisal

  9. Federic0,

    In my High School yearbook I indicated my future career goal was to be a game show host.

    Thanks for the awesome idea!

  10. Hi Ron!

    Right now we have 4 podcast posted:

    – Core Knowledge Section Tips
    – Core Knowledge OSPF Part 1
    – Core Knowledge OSPF Part 2
    – IOS Zone Based Firewall

    I am pretty sure the iTunes app works with just about any MP3 player – so check that out before you spend to much on any single type.

  11. Wendell says:

    I look forward to more of these – great for listening to durring car rides ! for those of us who are trying to cram every spare second we have

  12. Jochen Bartl says:

    Is it possible to subscribe to the podcast with a regular podcast fetcher? I can’t install iTunes, because my workstation runs Ubuntu Linux. Maybe I should give iTunes via wine a try ;-)



  13. Jochen Bartl says:

    Thanks. This looks great ;-)

  14. Hector says:

    These are soooo awesome. Thanks


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