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Recently we’ve been working hard to put some things together and come up with new products for people who are just beginning their journey toward CCIE R&S. The new, 5-Day Kickstart bootcamp is designed for those who look to bridge the gap between CCNP and CCIE levels of knowledge.

This live, intense class is the fastest way to learn advanced topics such as MSTP, Catalyst QoS, Multicast, tricky NAT scenarios, and many other topics that students find notoriously difficult. All five days will be densely packed with technical information and with the detail level similar to that you find in many of our blog posts. Some of the topics covered in this new class cannot be found anywhere in Cisco documentation. These topics are the result of our hard work and research.

With all this said, probably the most attractive feature of the new class is its price – 2495$ base, which could be even less if you catch one of our special discount offerings!

The first class is scheduled for the first week of September and I’m going to be on the list of instructors of this one for sure! :) Of course, you are required to have a solid “foundation” prior to attending the bootcamp – at the very least, have a good understanding of all the topics covered in the CCIE Written exam.

Finally, remember that the ultimate goal of the 5-Day Kickstart class is to teach you the technologies that you need to know in order to pass the CCIE R&S lab exam. However, just knowing the technologies may not be enough to pass the exam – you need extensive hands-on practice and solid troubleshooting skills to complement your technical background.

Happy studying!

About Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE:

Petr Lapukhov's career in IT begain in 1988 with a focus on computer programming, and progressed into networking with his first exposure to Novell NetWare in 1991. Initially involved with Kazan State University's campus network support and UNIX system administration, he went through the path of becoming a networking consultant, taking part in many network deployment projects. Petr currently has over 12 years of experience working in the Cisco networking field, and is the only person in the world to have obtained four CCIEs in under two years, passing each on his first attempt. Petr is an exceptional case in that he has been working with all of the technologies covered in his four CCIE tracks (R&S, Security, SP, and Voice) on a daily basis for many years. When not actively teaching classes, developing self-paced products, studying for the CCDE Practical & the CCIE Storage Lab Exam, and completing his PhD in Applied Mathematics.

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14 Responses to “CCIE R&S 5-Day Kickstart Bootcamp”

  1. oo says:

    hello petr
    Very nice idea. Could you record this class and offer it in COD version ? or add it as an extra item in CCIE 2.0 program.

  2. anna says:


    That’s Great . Hope you release COD of this bootcamp.

    Correct me if I am wrong , Etherchannel is missing in CCIE Written Course .

    Thanks a lot

  3. Faisal says:

    How different is this kickstart bootcamp from R&S 5-day Written Bootcamp. Are both these products separate ones and if separate could give a detail comparison between them.


  4. Hi Anna!

    Yeah – I just mention it in the Spanning Tree lessons – because of course it relates to Spanning Tree.

    The exam is conspicuously absent on that topic. Strange. I will be sure to do a nice blog post soon on it for completions sake.

  5. Hi Faisal!

    This course goes into much more detail than is required for the CCIE Written exam!

    Check out the Course Outline for this new bootcamp and you will see that it is much more detailed.

  6. anna says:


    Your voice is awesome .

    Just love it .

    Please do release a COD version of Kickstart
    Many of us cannot afford to travel and our only hope is COD .Please do consider

    Thanks Once again

  7. Amit Chopra says:

    Hi – This is quite good class, Can you please make sure that it will avialable for purchase as COD format?


  8. To: Anna,

    Sorry it appears i just forgot to add this topic, it sure is on the list, i’ll update the outline today!

    To: Faisal

    The main difference (in addition to the detail level) is that the kickstart bootcamp focuses on the “configuration/troubleshooting” aspects of the technologies, where written test is mostly concerned with theory and configuration basics.

  9. Tim Guay says:

    I do add my voice to the release it as a COD chorus. I too cannot afford to travel,

  10. josephc says:

    How does this compare with Advanced Technology Class in terms of level of difficulty? Is there any overlap between the two? Is this kick start some what like week 1 of ATC or easier than week 1? Or is week 1 of Advanced Technology Class simply be replaced by this kick-start and the second week by part of the open lecture series?

    I am getting quite confused with so many different training classes. BTW, any idea when new topics like MPLS or Zone Based Firewall, or OER would be added to ATC? Or would you simply redo the whole ATC to fit in the 2 week schedule? I am concerned that Investment Protection Program may come too late to the rescue as you are preoccupied with so many new products.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Hi Josephc

    This is a Level 2 class on our 3 level structure. It goes beyond what is covered in the advanced technologies class. It is also very biased to those topic domains that students struggle the most with.

    So we have ATC – Level 1 – then this course as a Level 2. The the final 12 day bootcamp as Level 3.

    Do not worry – we will be sure to plan our updates accordingly for the Version 4 blueprint topics and will not “leave you behind”. Our number 1 priority is (and always will be) the success of our students.

  12. josephc says:

    Thank you,

    Since this is one step above ATC, should students have already finished at least Volume 1, or even Volume 2 to be able to take advantage of this?

    INE now has:

    Written boot camp


    5 day kick start

    open lecture series

    5 day boot camp

    mock lab boot camp

    Which volumes of workbooks should be prerequisites for which class?

    Can you please also list the “topic domains that students struggle the most with”.

    Thanks again.

    • To: Josehpc

      We’re releasing a special “Customer’s Guide to INE Products” pretty soon, which guides you through our products and the prerequisites. Also, the naming for “Tier-1″ products will probably get unified soon, so it becomes less confusing. Right now, in oder to sit in 5-Day Kickstart BC you need to have CCIE Written level of knowledge. Classic 5-Day bootcamp requires you to have deep understanding of CCIE technologies, which could be achieved by completing IEWB VOL1 or the 5-Day Kickstart or by listening and practicing using the ATC CoD.


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