Hi everyone,

Here is a short list of the recent updates to some of our CCIE-related products:

R/S and Security

The exciting new troubleshooting IEWB-RS VOL4 now has three full-scale labs! Each new lab is over 60 pages in length, featuring detailed breakdowns and explanations of the important troubleshooting processes. Another lab is on its way to be added to IEWB-RS VOL4 very soon.

New blueprint topics, specifically MPLS VPNs and new Security features, are to be added to IEWB VOL1 next month as well. I know many of you are excited to see these additions!

Security IEWB-SC VOL2 now features a completely updated full-scale Lab 5, and Lab 6 is on its way.

Next, as some of you may have noticed, the R&S rental racks were booked solid during August. To satisfy growing demand, our partner company, GradedLabs, has added extra racks to the R&S rental pool, and this issue should be taken care of now.


New features have been added through your members site for Voice Rack rentals. You can now easily setup a PSTN test phone by simply entering the “mac-address” on an online web form. The phone configuration will be taken care of for you. In addition, you can now reload your routers and switches within your rack with the initial configurations, or soon to come lab configurations, including pre-built troubleshooting scenarios. Both of these features are covered in detail in the Voice Rack Access Guide.

Finally, Voice Volume I, is undergoing large updates this week, with new sections being released continually. Look for the newly updated Call Routing section, followed by part two of the CUCM labs These cover media resources, applications, and advanced features and services. The Unity Connections section will be released in the next few days, followed shortly by Presence and CUCCX. The updated QoS labs will be released next week as well.

Thanks so much for choosing INE and happy studying!

About Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE:

Petr Lapukhov's career in IT begain in 1988 with a focus on computer programming, and progressed into networking with his first exposure to Novell NetWare in 1991. Initially involved with Kazan State University's campus network support and UNIX system administration, he went through the path of becoming a networking consultant, taking part in many network deployment projects. Petr currently has over 12 years of experience working in the Cisco networking field, and is the only person in the world to have obtained four CCIEs in under two years, passing each on his first attempt. Petr is an exceptional case in that he has been working with all of the technologies covered in his four CCIE tracks (R&S, Security, SP, and Voice) on a daily basis for many years. When not actively teaching classes, developing self-paced products, studying for the CCDE Practical & the CCIE Storage Lab Exam, and completing his PhD in Applied Mathematics.

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10 Responses to “INE Product Updates – July 29, 2009”

  1. Marcio Costa says:

    Any estimate date for the R&S audio v4 ?

  2. Piotr Kaluzny says:

    Good Day,

    May I kindly ask for estimation on when Security WB vol I and II will be fully released? I understand that R&S part got the LLQ queue, but I guess there is some kind of policer there ;)

    I would greatly appreciate any feedback.

    Thanks in advance,
    Piotr Kaluzny

  3. oo says:

    hello petr
    1°/ will you post any further updates for security Vol 1 and if so, what will the timeframe ?
    2°/ how many security labs ( vol 2 ) should we expect as a whole and have you a timeframe for that ?

  4. John Spaulding says:

    Cant wait for the MPLS section

  5. Hi John!

    Yeah – that is going to be awesome!

  6. CCIETalk.com says:

    Is there a link to a detailed lab equipment setup for the New Voice V3 Labs?

  7. INE_WB_UK says:

    @UK users

    If you are having different Time Zone issue for booking then look for UK based site exclusively dedicated to INE workbooks.


    Apologies for external links but I tried to help UK users. If you feel this breaking rules then please feel free to delete my post. :)

  8. TimS says:

    Well done, man!


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