Hello everyone! This post is to alert you that we have republished all the new ATC materials so they make more sense and are more easily located.

When you log in to your Member’s Site, you will see two products related to this in your Classes-On-Demand section:

  • R&S Advanced Technologies 10-Day Class-on-Demand v4.5
  • R&S Advanced Technologies 5-Day Class-on-Demand v4.5

The 10-Day features our own Brian McGahan! Once you launch this 10-Day course, scroll to the bottom of the chapters area on the left and you will see the new CCIE R/S Lab Version 4.x topics. There are 4 awesome sessions on MPLS, and one superb session on the new Security topics.

As a bonus, we are updating all of you with my recent 5-Day version of the ATC class. I tried to do “my own thing” compared to the best-selling, Brian McGahan version. If you are interested in another “take” at some of these Tier 1 presentations, check it out.

We will be adding labels to the 5-Day sessions so it is easier to jump around in topics.

Well…that is all for now folks – enjoy the new recordings, and as always, enjoy your CCIE studies here at INE!

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20 Responses to “New Advanced Technologies CoD Materials Republished!”

  1. Rodney says:

    Brian’s MPLS session is really GREAT!!!! And your session is also very good!! these are very complicated technologies and you guys are able to break them down with a clear understanding. Thanks GUYS !!

  2. John Spaulding says:

    I think you do an awesome job compared to Brian…Both are brilliant !! Keep up the Good work guys!!

  3. Nish says:

    INE totally rocks!!! THANKS…

  4. agalang says:

    Excellent INE! Keep the job well done!

  5. stefan says:

    Hi, could you describe what exactly is in each part of your ATC?

    • I will add titles today. Thanks Stefan. But to answer you directly here – it covers Layer 2 – IGPs – BGP – QoS – Multicast – Security – in an accelerated format.

  6. stefan says:


  7. Lucio says:

    In terms of effectiveness this is a great move. I find your NMC video very effective and hope that you have done the same here at ine!

  8. Net_OG says:

    Great job synch’ing things up between the two portals. I appreciate it.

  9. Marlon says:

    I am watching the CCIE written online bootcamp and he is really good.

    Folks, is the “Advanced Technologies” suitable to the CCIE written R&S test or that is actually an overkiller :-) ?

  10. Moustafa says:

    Are there any updates on the CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand course?

  11. Mohamed Abdel-Fattah says:

    Great work
    I really love your work
    both your vedios and Brian’s are awesom…
    But I have bad problem regarding the vedio stream which killing me
    the vedio is usually cutting I can’t even buffer it I listen to few second then cut again for a few seconds then cutting again
    I was first thinking it is my computer or may be my internet connection
    But I have tried it on diffrent Pcs using diffrent internet connection
    even on my i tried it in my customers PC and extremly fast internet but still the same problem
    can any one help me through this it costs me alot of time and eventually I get sick of the stream and I leave it
    all the product the ATC (10 and 5 days) the lab-meetup the bootcamp…etc you name it
    please help

  12. Edwin says:

    Adding the labels to the 5 day class soon?

  13. David says:

    When will you be adding the labels?

  14. Here they are David – I will try and get them in today.
    Day 1 Part 1 – Switching
    Day 1 Part 2 – Frame Relay; PPP; IP Routing
    Day 2 Part 1 – RIP; OSPF
    Day 2 Part 2 – OSPF; EIGRP; BGP
    Day 3 Part 1 – BGP, Redistribution
    Day 3 Part 2 – Multicast, IPv6
    Day 4 Part 1 – IPv6, Security
    Day 4 Part 2 – Security, STP
    Day 5 Part 1 – Adv. OSPF; Adv. EIGRP; QoS
    Day 5 Part 2 – QoS; IP Services


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