Huge congratulations and thanks to Darrell Escola of the IEOC.COM online community for his tireless support of his fellow peers. INE has sent Darrell Escola a $50 Gift Card for Hey Darrell, buy something FUN!  :-)


Darrell obtained his CCIE R/S with INE and has continued to be a valuable member of the online community. Darrell used the following resources from INE:

Darrell is currently starting his own business in Central California. How exciting! The main focus will be Fire/Life-Safety inspection and documentation services for hospitals, but he will also be a Registered Partner with Cisco and Microsoft to facilitate IT/Network Consulting. Darrell is currently working on SMB certification to qualify as a Cisco Select Partner.

Since obtaining his CCIE-RS, he has obtained a California C-10 Electrical Contractor’s License, and this week passed the C-16 Fire Protection Trade Exam!
Even with all of this going on, you will see Darrell often in the IEOC helping his fellow community members.

Look for more community member spotlights, community program enhancements, and, of course, more free gifts soon! If you have not signed up at the, be sure to check it out today!

Thanks again Darrell!

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9 Responses to “The INE Online Community Thanks – Darrell Escola!”

  1. Ivan Mendonca says:

    Hi Darrell,
    Good luck and Congratulation. Ever since I started using this site, I found your support was more than the IE staff. Most of the members discontinue once they achieved the CCIE but you are the only person I can see always supporting us. You are doing a very job and keep it up.

    My special thanks for selecting the right person.


  2. Net_OG says:

    Good luck with the new business. Lots of Hospitals making technology transitions today. A great resource, is HIMSS Analytics and the reports they have. You can get access to some of these reports by talking to your Cisco Channel Account Manager: or you can purchase a license from HIMSS analytics.

    Thanks for answering questions and the help.


  3. John Spaulding says:

    Awesome Job Darrell!!!! Thank you for all of your support

  4. Dmitriy Litvinko says:

    Thanks for your support and sharing your knowledge. Good luck with your business :-) What you have accomplished in such a short time, some people can only dream about :-)

  5. Michael N says:

    Thats Great Darrell. Your posts are always insightful and you are almost always commenting and advising on the INE forum. All the best in your new venture!!!!!

  6. Darrell:
    Wow – I thought I had a lot of things going on.
    Great luck in the business venture!!!!

    Larry Hadrava

  7. Ray says:

    Congratulation, Darrell!!!

  8. Titus Warui says:

    Darrell- Congrats!!

  9. Darrell Escola says:

    Thanks all for your kind remarks. Like I wrote before, I am just having fun answering what I can – it helps keep the mind sharp!

    Glad I can pass on some of the help I have received along the way.


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