INE is currently producing its CCNA Audio Bootcamp. This audio bootcamp is being made available free via iTunes as it is produced. We hope you enjoy it! This product is not only recommended for CCNA students, but also CCIE R/S candidates as they prepare for the Core Knowledge Section of their lab exam.

To access these lessons, simply access the iTunes store and Search for INE. Module 1 Lesson 1 is published already for you to enjoy. If you do not/cannot use the iTunes store, you can access the files directly from

Below you can access the complete Bootcamp Outline:

Module 1: VLANs
Lesson 1. Advanced Switching Technologies
Lesson 2. VLANs
Lesson 3. VLAN Configuration
Lesson 4. VLAN Trunking
Lesson 5. VTP
Lesson 6. RSTP
Lesson 7. Advanced Switching Verifications
Lesson 8. Basic Layer 2 Security

Module 2: IP Addressing/Services for Medium-Sized Network

Lesson 1. VLSM
Lesson 2. Summarization
Lesson 3. IPv6 Requirements
Lesson 4. IPv6 Addressing
Lesson 5. IP Address Troubleshooting

Module 3: IP Routing

Lesson 1. Routing Methods and Protocols
Lesson 2. OSPF
Lesson 3. EIGRP
Lesson 4. Verification and Troubleshooting
Lesson 5. Basic Router Security

Module 4: NAT and ACLs
Lesson 1. Access Control Lists
Lesson 2. Verification and Troubleshooting of ACLs
Lesson 3. Network Address Translation
Lesson 4. Troubleshooting NAT

Module 5: Implementing WANs
Lesson 1. Frame Relay
Lesson 2. Troubleshooting
Lesson 3. VPNs
Lesson 4. PPP

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20 Responses to “Announcing the CCNA Audio Bootcamp”

  1. This is unfortunately only for US Apple Store I believe. Will there be a place for us who can’t get access to download it?

  2. Rob says:

    Thanks alot, will help me alot :) Keep up the good work man, really appreciated.
    Greets from holland :)

  3. MB says:

    Any chance you can put these on Zune as well? :-)

  4. Jaap says:

    Wonderful news! However, I sincerely hope this will be made available through other means as well. Not everyone uses iTunes, and this limits access to iTunes users only.

  5. Jaap – come on man – we’re giving this away – FREE!!!! Putting this on iTunes allows the world to access this great resource – again for FREE:-)

  6. TechMaster says:

    I did a search on Itunes under INE. The only thing i found are podcasts? Are those the bootcamp materials.


  7. Al says:


    Can’t find any “INE” matches at iTunes Store. Do I need to have an account there to be able to find/download? I’ve tried site and iTunes appllication. No results. May be direct link would be more helpful for some people?


  8. Farid Ahmad says:

    great info.. and free

  9. Nick says:

    I second Jaap’s request. Can’t the mp3s be provided outside of iTunes for those of us who don’t/can’t use it?

  10. Nick says:

    Thanks for making the podcast available outside of iTunes!

  11. Alex says:

    I think these are a great idea. They compliment the course well and allow me to get some study whilst driving to work or whilst in the gym etc.

    Are any more modules going to be released? :)


  12. Joe says:

    Were the podcasts removed? I tried getting them off the link provided and off itunes and they are not appearing.

  13. Laronda Fie says:

    I am a huge fan of this blog and I check it regularly. Keep up the good work!


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