INE has posted our initial class schedules for Q1 Y2010. The new schedule covers Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, and Voice classes, delivered both onsite and online. The bootcamp locations include Reno, Chicago, London, Miami and Raleigh-Durham (RTP) and Amsterdam. There certainly is the possibility that more locations, such as Dubai, will be added to this list soon. Email us at if you have any additional locations to suggest!

In addition to the new schedule, you may want to check our current 2009 bootcamps, just in case you need a class soon. Note that starting October 2009, all R&S bootcamps (Kickstart, 5-Day, 12-Day, and the Mock Lab Workshop) follow the new CCIE R&S Version 4.X blueprint format. This means these classes cover IOS 12.4T features, MPLS VPNs, and the dedicated Troubleshooting section. These topics are in addition to the Core Knowledge section, which is already addressed in our bootcamps and with the popular Core Knowledge Simulation! Speaking of the Core Knowledge section be sure to look for some exciting blog posts about that soon.

Best of all, for a limited time (about one month following this announcement) all classes can be booked for a discount of 25%! In addition to this, you may purchase an R&S class (5-Day or 12-Day) bundled with the Advanced Technologies CoD or the CCNP CoD for the price of just the bootcamp! The ATC CoD serves as a perfect knowledge refresher for those going to the 5-Day bootcamp for the first time. And bundling the bootcamp with the CCNP CoD is an excellent choice for those looking to jump straight from CCNP to CCIE, or for those that need a CCNP refresh for the Core Knowledge section. Time to stop.. or you want more? Then you might consider another training package, which adds the CCIE R&S Audio Bootcamp and the set of our twenty, full-scale VOL2 labs at no additional cost to a 5-Day or 12-Day CCIE R&S bootcamps! This combination is perfect for those who feel solid with the fundamental stuff and need an extensive, non-stop practicing before taking the lab. It’s up to you to make your selection – good old discount, or any of the three value-added packages! You can find all about the special R&S offers by following this link.

As for CCIE Service Provider or Security classes, you may purchase an on-site class bundled with the respective Advanced Technology CoD for the price of the on-site class alone. This is an excellent choice for those seeking to cement their foundational understanding before attending the actual bootcamp. Check out the special offerings for SP here or follow this link for SC specials. And finally, if you’re looking to enroll into a CCIE Voice class saving 25% off the price, you may want to go and purchase a seat following this link!

As always, thank you for choosing INE, and we hope to see you in a virtual or physical classroom very soon!

About Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE:

Petr Lapukhov's career in IT begain in 1988 with a focus on computer programming, and progressed into networking with his first exposure to Novell NetWare in 1991. Initially involved with Kazan State University's campus network support and UNIX system administration, he went through the path of becoming a networking consultant, taking part in many network deployment projects. Petr currently has over 12 years of experience working in the Cisco networking field, and is the only person in the world to have obtained four CCIEs in under two years, passing each on his first attempt. Petr is an exceptional case in that he has been working with all of the technologies covered in his four CCIE tracks (R&S, Security, SP, and Voice) on a daily basis for many years. When not actively teaching classes, developing self-paced products, studying for the CCDE Practical & the CCIE Storage Lab Exam, and completing his PhD in Applied Mathematics.

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12 Responses to “Announcing the INE 2010 Class Schedule!”

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Petr

    Please do consider 5 day kickstart bootcamp
    COD .

    Many of us find it very difficult to travel .


    • Hi Anna!

      Yes – Petr and I and Scott all want to get that done. Petr asked that we run it live first at least twice – and then create an incredible self-paced product. We will update you more soon on it.

  2. ananth says:


    That’s Great news :)

    I am just waiting for that one .


  3. Giorgio P. says:

    many CCIE 2.0 customers have the 5 days bootcamp online as part of that package.
    Any idea of when is it going to be upgraded ?
    Thank you

    • Hi Giorgio!

      We are updating the 5 Day Bootcamp for R/S for the Version 4 blueprint this month and debuting it for bootcamps in October. I see no reason why the online version will not be available in October as well.

  4. Malick Ndiaye says:


    I know most of the classes in Reno are all-inclusive. Is it the same for the ones in the other locations (Tampa, Chicago, etc…)


  5. Hi, do you know if/when the ccie 2.0 program will cover any of other tracks?

  6. Tarun Karnani says:

    THANKS! will be waiting :D

  7. Derek says:

    Hi Petr,

    I noticed that there are only two offerings of the advanced troubleshooting online class. One in October and one in March. Are there any plans to have another class in the middle of that 6 month gap? Selfishly I had hoped there would be one scheduled sort of in the middle of that span.


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