Hi Everyone,

I know it took some time, but here we go: new full-scale Routing and Switching and Security labs are now being delivered to your members account. Two new labs have been posted under both IEWB-RS VOL2 v5.0 (updated Labs 1 and 2) and IEWB-SC VOL2 v5.0 (updated Labs 6 and 7) member areas.

The new Routing and Switching labs now fully reflect the upcoming changes in CCIE R&S lab exam. Specifically, every lab will now feature MPLS VPN section and new technologies added in IOS 12.4T such as Zone-Based Firewall, Control-Plane Protection and many others. Not only this, the whole full-scale lab paradigm have been shifted. You are no longer required to do a lot of basic configurations, such as creating VLAN, initializing IGPs, setting up BGP peerings and so on. Instead, you will find many settings such as switchport to VLAN assignment and basic IGP configuration already done for you. The full-scale scenarios now require you enhancing or tuning the existing configurations and are even more challenging than they was before. As many people would agree, discovering and working with the existing configuration is much harder than creating your own from scratch!

The total lab point value for R&S labs has been reduced to 79 points with a passing score of 64. This reflects the current situation in the CCIE testing, where Core Knowledge Section has taken 21 points away from the 100-point exam. As you may know, with the addition of the Troubleshooting section the total amount of point could become even less, probably as low as 54 points! However, we still decided to keep the point values of our full-scale labs higher, to provide you with more challenging scenarios than you could expect in the real exam.

Next, we plan releasing more full-scale labs for R&S track gradually every week. The full update of IEWB-RS VOL2 labs should to be completed by the 3rd week of September, as well as delivery of the new VOL1 sections, covering MPLS VPNs and 12.4T features. Oh, and did I mention that another two labs for IEWB-RS VOL4 (Advanced Troubleshooting) are on their way to being posted? :)

And lastly, some really good news for our CCIE Security students. In addition to the two labs that have been posted already, we plan releasing the remaining three labs next week and complete the update of our IEWB-SC VOL2 workbook. After this, you will see more updates coming to the IEWB-SC VOL1 technology focused scenarios.

Thanks for choosing INE and happy studying!

About Petr Lapukhov, 4xCCIE/CCDE:

Petr Lapukhov's career in IT begain in 1988 with a focus on computer programming, and progressed into networking with his first exposure to Novell NetWare in 1991. Initially involved with Kazan State University's campus network support and UNIX system administration, he went through the path of becoming a networking consultant, taking part in many network deployment projects. Petr currently has over 12 years of experience working in the Cisco networking field, and is the only person in the world to have obtained four CCIEs in under two years, passing each on his first attempt. Petr is an exceptional case in that he has been working with all of the technologies covered in his four CCIE tracks (R&S, Security, SP, and Voice) on a daily basis for many years. When not actively teaching classes, developing self-paced products, studying for the CCDE Practical & the CCIE Storage Lab Exam, and completing his PhD in Applied Mathematics.

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26 Responses to “New R&S and Security Labs Released!”

  1. John Spaulding says:

    Peter, Your a legend…You make me want to go back through the new labs even though I passed :) thanks for your hard work

  2. Rizzo says:

    Great News

    Thanks a lot

  3. Sajjad says:

    I was waiting to get this news. Great Work.

  4. Nadeem Rafi says:

    Its good news…. ATCod will be updated according to new scenarios? if yes then when we can expect these updates?

  5. Anna says:

    Hi Petr

    In Workbook -Volume 1

    Have labs regarding MPLS have been added ?
    i.e workbooks concentrating only on MPLS .


  6. Amit chopra says:

    Petr – Great work , I am really happy that IE has drop the basic step like trucking and VLAN configuration from their workbook and spend more time on advance topic.

    Thanks Once again

  7. Amit chopra says:

    Hi Petr – Can you please check the answer key? it is not sync , for example in Lab 2 task is 1.1 – “Link aggregation” but in Answer key it is show configure VLANs for task 1.1

  8. d7uk says:

    Hi Guys,

    Can we still access the non-mpls labs from VOLII (Labs 1 + 2) as I am still using the old materials for my V3 Lab in September. I understand they will be removed after the V4 change in October.


  9. ilorah says:

    hello petr,
    the mpls labs will it be part of vol 1 too for R&S

  10. Carlos Figueroa says:

    What about the ones who adquired the Dynamips Lab Workbook 2 of R&S?



  11. Muhammad says:

    Hi Peter
    Will your partner company be coming up with “learning capsule for MPLS”? as i know it is for those who do not have Volume 1 and want to study specific topics.
    Second question is regarding dynamips as when will that be released as i have both Volume 2 and dynamips products purchased from INE.

    • To all:

      Definitely, the dynamips version of VOL2 will be updated as well to reflect the new changes. I have the new .NET file practically ready, just a few more tests needed, think of posting everything tomorrow!

      As for GL’s learning capsules, MPLS capsule should be available early October.

  12. Amit Chopta says:

    Thanks Petr for your response , I think the sync problem is with everyone? The answer key show it is version 5 however basic vlan configuration still there, may be it is not clean up yet and use 4.1 answer key for new change.

  13. John Hooper says:

    G’Day Petr,

    Great news with this release! I was just wondering however, is there an updated hardware requirments document for these new labs?



  14. Tom says:

    Hello Petr Lapukhov,

    so the Vol2 will be updated for Dynamips users (MPLS) and Troubleshooting too ? in October ?


  15. Aleksandr says:

    Hi Petr,

    I’ve checked solution for lab2 and it doesn’t mention mpls. Section 4 is still IP Features and Services

  16. Jeff says:


    I noticed something peculiar in the v4.0 blueprint Lab 2 posted in the IEWB-RS VOL2 v5.0 — the MPLS VPN task is to implement a layer-2 VPN solution.

    The new R&S blueprint published by Cisco specifically says “Implement MPLS Layer 3 VPNs”. Can we expect to see non-blueprint topics like this in the new labs as they’re released? Or do you just have some insight that you can’t discuss? :)

    • Jeff,

      For the of MPLS VPN section you’ll see L3 VPNs most of the time. However, I intend to cover L2 VPNs too, as they are pretty simple, but still worth mentioning and practicing. I’m posting a new VOL2 lab today btw, with a basic MPLS VPN scenario, invovling PE-CE routing :)

  17. Jeff says:


    Thanks for the quick response. So, guess I’ll be digging into the L2 VPNs a little it sounds like :) I’ll keep an eye out for the new VOL2 posting!



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