As I am sure you recall, several weeks ago, we asked for your feedback regarding our Core Knowledge Simulation, both Route/Switch and Security. Well, since just about all of our customers possess the product and use it very often, we were FLOODED with valuable feedback. It was awesome.

Here were some of the most valuable suggestions that just about everyone shared:

  • Ensure the sample questions could be taken based on technology topics
  • Allow the marking of questions so they would no longer appear in a test
  • Make the More Information and Instructor Tips more easily accessible

Learners also pointed out that due to a bug in Flash on the Windows platform, running the simulation drained CPU resources on the system dramatically.

Well, at first we were quite frustrated as we could not incorporate these features into our existing Adobe Captivate development tool and Adobe has yet to patch the bug. Then something wonderful happened. The geniuses over at our partner for rental equipment and learning capsules, Graded Labs, indicated they could build us a brand new engine. This engine can seamlessly incorporate all of the feature requests from students!

We are currently working hard on this new and much improved Core Knowledge Simulation. We will release a Beta soon, and in the meantime, we will start making more sample questions available via the blog. Remember, as part of our Investment Protection Program, anyone that purchased the Core Knowledge Simulation at any time will automatically receive this new upgraded version free of charge.

Thanks for your feedback, and of course, thanks for choosing INE!

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6 Responses to “New Core Knowledge Simulation in the Works!”

  1. Nadeem Rafi says:

    Thanks for this update… esp. per technology quiz.

  2. federic0 says:

    very good news,
    but does the question database remains unchanged or you added some of them?

  3. Martijn says:

    Nice! I haven’t used the core knowledge in a while, not because of the questions, but because the engine (adobe captivate) knocks my cpu up to 100% and doesn’t run on a 2.4 ghz machine..

    I’m looking forward to the beta version!

  4. Martin says:

    Do want

  5. Rodney says:

    Thanks Keith, this is very good news , IF I could make one more suggestion, Could this new test engine also be used for the ccie written boot camp, The same features that you will be using for the core simulation sound like they could also be used as a practice engine for the ccie written boot camp.


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