Join INE Instructors as they cover IPv6 Multicast Part 1 in the Advanced Technologies Class on Demand – 10-Day. This is a key new topic found in the version 4.0 CCIE R&S blueprint.

This chapter is now active in all accounts subscribed to this best-selling course.


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4 Responses to “IPv6 Multicast – Part 1 – Addressing and MLD”

  1. Nadeem Rafi says:

    initially it was in OLS, are contents are bing duplicated in other areas?

    • Yes – this section originally appeared as an OLS. Before the end of the year – I want to re-record the 10-day ATCOD and integrate all the sections as you have previously suggested. Thanks, as always, for the great suggestions and feedback Nadeem.

  2. Marlon says:

    I’ve watched this one. Great.

  3. Zi Yi says:

    You’ll probably need to cover the Embeded RP.


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