12-day CCIE R&S Bootcamp students often indicate that the most important day of the training is Day 3 of the 6-Day Mock Lab Workshop. This entire day is dedicated to a discussion about successful strategy for passing the CCIE Lab Exam. The strategy discussion begins with effective study techniques, and then guides students through everything from the night before the exam, to what is best to do during the lunch break!

Perhaps the most satisfying thing for the instructors during the event is watching students raise their score by more than 20 points on a mock lab following the strategy discussion. We confiscated this student video taken at the last Mock Lab Workshop and thought we would leak it here. :-) We hope you enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

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15 Responses to “6-Day Mock Lab Workshop Sample”

  1. NTllect says:

    did 7200 fall him on to the leg?

  2. Amit Chopra says:

    Hi – Just one question how you can come such a brillant ideas everytime , first facebook introduction and now sample of live classes….

    You can not trust but I just change my CCIE prepartion after watching this video and this is for good reasons … Wednesday :)

    • Hi Amit! Yes – enjoy those Wednesday’s – they are “Prince Spaghetti Days!”

      We really, really care about the success of our students here – and we sure have fun in our jobs! We are very fortunate to have such students, and get to have such fun.

  3. kim says:

    Really great plan of attack , now i will focus more on tier 1 books to tackle oeq .

    Just one question “multicasting and ipv6” are not listed on troubleshooting section of blueprint, can u conform this

  4. Rack009 says:

    Has anyone every seen him wear long trousers? :)

  5. Barry says:

    He is like the ‘GodFather’ with that cane.

    • I kept pissing him off because I was constantly trying to help him carry things throughout the week.

      To further your GodFather analogy – he, and Petr went shooting automatic weapons in the desert of Reno with Rob DeWeese of Graded Labs.

  6. Ian says:

    I’ve never seen a course with so many instructors present! Looks like a top quality course.

  7. kim says:

    oops i mean not ” Explicitly mentioned “

  8. Deepak Arora says:

    I can’t see these videos. I tried with firefox and IE.

    Anyone else facing same problem or it’s kust me :-(

  9. Deepak Arora says:


    I am not able to see the part 1 and part 2 videos to be viewable…are this just of members who purchased Advance Technology COD ?

    Can you please upload this two parts on rapid share or somewhere else please


  10. Hi Deepak

    The videos are on YouTube and linked here.

    Just head to YouTube and search on INETRAINING

    Also – they are on the INE Facebook site. Just search there on INE.


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