No jokes here folks – just the Top Ten Qualities for a Successful Lab Attempt! Did I miss any? Let me know in the Comments below! I know many of you will take care of the jokes for me. :-)

10. Effective use of the proctors – for more information, see Tips for Working with the Proctors.

9. Proper diet – be sure to bring your own lunch and snacks.

8. Attention to the Core Knowledge Section – do not rush this section, and once complete, do not think about it again.

7. Use of the DOC-CD – knowing when to use it and how is critical.

6. Effective diagramming techniques – for more information, see May I Have a Diagram with that Please.

5. Positive mindset – no thoughts of failure, only thoughts of success.

4. Effective disaster management techniques – how quickly and effectively you react to a major issues is critical.

3. Precise and accurate verifications.

2. Precise and accurate troubleshooting.

And the Number 1 Quality for a Successful Lab Attempt:

1. Time management and overall lab strategy.

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12 Responses to “The Top Ten Qualities for a Successful Lab Attempt”

  1. John Spaulding says:

    And enjoy your number :)

  2. Robert Roark says:

    11. Party your butt off when you pass!

  3. Puneet says:

    I agree with all the points referred above. In my opinion, it is your mental state that counts the most. So many folks I know get nervous,cant sleep on “exam eve” but I think if you are confident and know that you did your best prep possible, there is nothing to be nervous about. And in the end, you are what you think you are. If you think “I might fail” and you bring that thought in your head, chances are you are going to fail. Think what you will do after you get the number (I used to daydream about it :P ) rather than a negative thought. I think Point # 1 and 5 are the most critical. You have to manage your time. My SP attempt: At 3:45 I couldn’t get my L2VPN up and I spent almost 1 hr on it and then left it (I am sure it was a bug) and ran towards the other tasks (Mcast,QOS,Sec,IPsvces). Not an efficient time mgt but that is what I should have done, left it early n should have moved on to other tasks. Cleared it n got the L2V up (after 8 reloads w/ same config!!!) and learnt from the mistake n not to repeat it in Security. All the best. Happy Labbing :)

  4. How about: Set your alarm clock :)

  5. SM Manzar Shahab says:

    4. Effective disaster management techniques
    Can you explain little more? Power outage, net connectivity? Or may be related to configuration mistakes?

  6. Rack009 says:

    Good stuff here. I read an article recently where Gary Kirsten the coach of the Indian cricket side recommended a little intimacy before a big tournament or game, citing it as a good way to relieve stress and get that general happy feeling.

    I think he has a point here. So for all of us the morale may be to sort the wife out before you sort the lab out or for those that are not with someone, which I think will be many of us, seems to be part of becoming an CCIE you always have the trusted backup no nonsense method of playing your guitar solo ;)

  7. Puneet says:

    Another thing worth mentioning is the keyboard. Try and practice atleast for the last month on the logitect keyboard if you are used to working on the laptop. That will help you get comfortable on D Day. Kind of a low priority but it definitely helps in my opinion.

  8. Zi Yi says:

    Do not complain for the terrible design

  9. Vladimir says:

    Have a good sleep in the night befor exam. It’s very important for your psychological condition and mental ability.

  10. Santiago Enciso says:

    10. I didnt asked enough questions to the proctor.
    9. diet ok
    8. I rushed this section, think this was vital
    7. Good use of the doc CD, only for thinks difficult to memorize
    6. Diagrams werent easy to interpret
    5. I felt very confident
    4. Didnt have big issues,
    3. Good verifications
    2. Not veeeery fast troubleshooting
    1. Good time management and overall strategy, STT really helped.

    If i gor further ill break the NDA.
    Now preparing for Blueprint v4.0

  11. Andrew says:

    I had a “near disaster” on one attempt, where I started a debug which produced a LOT of output.. I could only break it by telnetting into the router in question from another node; I’m lucky I had enough infrastructure up at that point to do that!

    logging buffered is your friend! Think before you type (but not too long)..


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