A few minor issues have been updated for our Dynamips topology, as follows:

- VLAN database issue fixed with v5.0 Dynagen topology (no flash memory was allocated)

- Old v3.0 and v4.1 .net file mappings re-added

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14 Responses to “New Minor Dynamips/Dynagen/GNS3 Topology Updates”

  1. Deepak Arora says:

    Hi Brian, Can you please provide updates on following:

    1. Where we are with CCIE R&S Lab Meet-Up
    Series Class-on-Demand for Version 5.0 Vol – 2 labs

    2. I recently came to know that Anthony has
    updated entire Advance Technologies COD. So
    Old AT CODs from you are Brian Dennis are
    no longer available ? Can you guys post
    some demo class of new AT CODs. And we
    should see as difference between these two
    different versions.

    3. Although I am not a open lecture series
    customer. But is that series complete now ?


    • Hi Deepak

      1. Brian will have to give us an update on this item.

      2. ATCOD subscribers now have access to two class on demands – one is a 10 day that is done by several of us now and that includes most new version 4 topics. The other is a 5-day version that I recorded myself. It is a compressed version of the 10 day.

      3. The Open Lecture Series will never be complete! It runs twice per week almost every week. Topics are at the request of students.

  2. Jorn Madsen says:

    Hi guy’s
    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding something, but I can’t find a topology/basis config for ordinary dynamips.(
    I see one for Mac and one for GNS3.
    Is the idea to manipulate one of these to get dynamips running?
    Besides, is your topology meant to be used for both workbook I+II in ver 5.0?
    And it’s true, the GNS3 13 router topology crashes my Vista laptop…no chance to make it work (o; so I hope for pure dynamips…
    Thanks for exelent work guys.

  3. The file without the “gns3″ suffix is the normal dynagen file. If you’re running it on windows you need the edit the file to change your working directory and the location of the image file. If the GNS3 one doesn’t work it’s unlikely the regular dynagen one will as well.

  4. Karar Sudi says:


    The dynamips/dynagen configuration is working perfectly for me.



  5. Tom says:

    Hello Brian,

    well job done,
    and where is the download link for those updates ?


  6. Ghita says:

    Hi Jorn
    I am using GNS3 in Vista and it run without any problem. You need to disable the service UAC (user Access Control. Also make sure you select a good idlpc for your routers.
    also use the latest release of GNS3 (6.1) it is more stable.

  7. Roland says:

    are the initial configurations for v5.0 topology available? Thank you. I’ve a full v4.10 topology running for Dynamips workbook but on AdvTechDoC v4.5 the v5.0 topology is used.

  8. Kehinde says:

    Has anyone run GNS3 on Windows 7? Does it work okay?

  9. Jorn Madsen says:

    Thanks Ghita
    I’m running 32-bit Vista on a laptop with Intel 2,2 GHz T7500 dual-core processor. 4 G’s of RAM (I know 32-bit can’t use all 4 G’s).
    Disabling UAC and idlpc helps a lot, -also the Vista feature “Readyboost” makes my Vista more stable. I use a 4Gb USB memory stick as extra fast memory. Smart feature..
    At this moment I’m able to ignite 10 routers in the IE setup, – I’m looking desperate for tricks to be able to run the last 3 routers.

    Are you able to run all 13 routers on Vista?


  10. Josh Jones says:

    I have to give a huge shout out to the new Dynamips version. I am running the full topology on my Mac Pro 8 Core, 16 Gig of RAM and with the base configs loaded, I am only using up 10.68% of my processor resources and only about 5 to 6 Gig of RAM with nearly 7 Gig of free RAM left.. (Some of the RAM usage may be accounted towards VMWare)

  11. Alex says:

    I have windows 7 pc… Dynamips not working in windows 7.. getting error ‘Telnet is not a valid command..Can any one help me..

  12. vinay says:

    I have windows 7 pc… Dynamips not working in windows 7.. When i try to get console access getting error ‘Telnet is not a valid command..Can any one help me..

  13. Asif says:

    You need to install telnet from control panel > installed features. Its not installed by default in vista and 7


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