After the huge popularity of our CCIE 3.X Expanded Blueprint here on the blog, I am going to put extra effort in the next two weeks for the new CCIE 4.X R&S Expanded Blueprint. Adding links for Core Knowledge (Tier 1) study should help in that section, as well as Configuration and Troubleshooting. I hope you enjoy and thanks as always for choosing INE.

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5 Responses to “The CCIE 4.X R&S Expanded Blueprint on Steroids”

  1. Muhammad says:

    Cool Stuff, you’re the man…Keep it up…

  2. Marlon says:

    Bring it on!


  3. Deepak Arora says:

    Dear IE Team,

    We we can expect complete LAB Meetup Series videos for rest of labs and when you guys will be releasing new labs for volume – 4.


  4. GC says:


    I noticed on the CCIE RS v4.0 blueprint, theres no PVLAN topic. As for practice, can I use just 4×3550s then?

    I appreciate any comments or feedback.!

    -Aspiring CCIe

    • Well – look at 6.14 – Implement security features. :-(

      A nice catch all there for anything they want to throw at you!

      But, if I were building a home rack right now – I would use 4 – 3550s for sure! I would make a list of all the stuff I cannot practice – and then rent a couple of sessions with GradedLabs to get that practice in efficiently.


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