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Things sure can get spooky in the Troubleshooting section of the new Version 4 Blueprint! Cisco can present a pretty vague issue; give you a very lame diagram; and then really press you for time to solve the Trouble Ticket. In this blog post, I will walk you through this graveyard and attempt to provide some ideas on an efficient and effective approach. For much more detail and practice, our premier products for this exam section are the Volume 4 workbook (currently being edited and improved upon), and the  brand new 5-Day Troubleshooting Bootcamp.

Are you ready to find prefixes that go bump in the night? Here is the sample Trouble Ticket we will attack, and the appropriate portion of the Cisco diagram. You will want to have some scratch paper handy (just like in the actual exam). Diagramming can prove to be more important here then in any exam section. You should practice a diagram now based on the show output that follows.

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Hello and Happy Halloween to all of our blog faithful. The 5-Day Kickstart Bootcamp wrapped up today in Tampa, Florida. I want to send a big thank you out to all of the awesome students that were in attendance. What a superb week of hard work and so much fun! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this latest Bootcamp from your friends at INE.

Q: What are the main topics covered in the 5-Day Kickstart?

A: This new bootcamp really kick starts a candidate’s preparedness  by focusing on the most critical subtopics of the following areas:

  • Layer 2 (Catalysts and Frame)
  • IGPs
  • BGP
  • Redistribution
  • Multicast
  • QoS
  • Security
  • IP Services
  • MPLS

Q: What is the breakdown between lecture and Hands On Practice?

A: The class is 80% lecture and 20% Hands On Practice.

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We have had lots of interest in the Security Track updates.  Here are a few of the details:

  • Security Volume 2, v5 labs 6-10 are updated and  posted to the members area on Oct 15.   They include all the asked for content, including LDAP, transparent Zone Based Firewalls, VRF aware IPSec, etc.  We know you will love them.  If you can’t wait for a hard copy, download the labs from your member area, print the lab tasks, and then use the solutions guide on your computer as a .pdf

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Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know about our progress in RS product development, here are the latest updates:

  • Two new IEWB-RS VOL2 labs posted to all subscribed accounts. This makes it 15 out of 20 labs fully updates to match the new CCIE lab blueprint.
  • More stuff added to Scott Morris incredible CCIE Audio Bootcamp! Of course, more updates coming soon from Scott, so stay tuned!
  • INE’s Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp CoD has been released – the only one of its kind in the market! Together with IEBW-RS VOL4 the products constitute an ultimate solution for preparing you for the troubleshooting section of the new CCIE lab exam.
  • INE and GradedLabs released four out of seven Mock Labs fully updated for the new CCIE lab blueprint. So if you are taking Mocks Labs 1-4 now, rest assured they match the updated lab blueprint, and include three sections: Core Knowledge, Troubleshooting and Configuration!

Our further plans include finishing VOL2 by second week of November, and releasing more VOL4 labs by third week of November. The troubleshooting workbook should be completed early December, and the first labs for the Dynamips edition of VOL2 should be posted mid-November. That’s it in short!

Thanks for choosing INE and good luck with your studies!

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Mark Snow, dual CCIE (CCIE #14073) has joined Internetwork Expert as a CCIE Voice Instructor. Mark brings years of teaching, technical writing, and consulting experience to Internetwork Expert. Mark’s certifications include two CCIEs, (Voice and Security), CCVP, CCNP, CCDP, CSE, CQS-CIPCCES, CQS-CIPTDS, CQS-CIPTOS, CQS-CIPTSS, MCSE.

Mark’s reputation for teaching and product development is highly regarded in the voice networking community, and will be a great addition to the team at Internetwork Expert. Mark will be joining Internetwork Expert’s leading CCIE instructor team led by five time CCIE Brian Dennis (CCIE #2210), four time CCIE  Petr Lapukhov (CCIE #16379), three time CCIE Brian McGahan (CCIE #8593).

Internetwork Expert is proud to have Mark join our Voice team and looks forward to his contributions.

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We are excited to announce that Voice Volume I has been completed, and covers all sections for the CCIE Voice 3.0 Blueprint. The Volume I workbook is designed to teach you each technology in a step-by-step approach to ensure solid understanding of the configuration and verification.

In addition, Voice Volume II now contains 8 out of 10 complete Full Scale Labs with labs 9 and 10 soon to be released. Test your knowledge and configuration skills on the new topics covered under the 3.0 Lab Blueprint, including Globalized & Localized Call Routing, Single Number Reach, Mobility, Presence, SIP, and more. Each 7.5 hour lab simulates the real CCIE Voice Lab, and provides you with detailed step-by-step solutions.

Are you close to your CCIE lab date, and want to check your progress? INE’s brand new CCIE Voice Proctored Mock Labs are the best option. This new product is designed to offer a structured, challenging and accurate test of your abilities before your lab. Each lab will be proctored and graded by a Voice CCIE instructor, who will then deliver an individualized, and detailed breakdown on your score report, including a discussion of lab strategy, in depth review of strengths and weaknesses, and a study plan to ensure your success on the lab. The CCIE Voice Proctored Mocks Labs are the only product on the market today to offer one-on-one mentoring with a CCIE Voice instructor, and time slots are filling-up fast, so be sure to schedule your Proctored Mock Lab now. Click on the following link for more info and to schedule your lab: CCIE Voice Mock Labs

New CCIE Voice Class Dates!

We have added many new class dates to our schedule including 5 & 10 day bootcamps, Mock Lab workshops, and new locations including London, England. Check out the new schedule here Voice Schedule and reserve your class date now.

Don’t see a class location you would like? Send an email to to suggest a new location.

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Yes – we are still working hard on the new Core Knowledge Simulation. Here are some more you will see in the new product. Enjoy!

3.20 Implement IPv6 Neighbor Discovery

What protocol is used in conjunction with solicited-node multicast addresses in order to facilitate IPv6 Neighbor Discovery?

3.50 Implement OSPF version 3

What protocol is used to support authentication in OSPF version 3?

6.02 Implement Zone Based Firewall

What are the three possible actions you specify for traffic in your policy-map in a Zone-Based Firewall configuration?

10.05 Implement Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

What is the default encryption used in SNMP version 3?

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Some of our R&S Written Bootcamp fans have requested another full Practice Exam. Well, now with the new topic additions, it is the perfect time to start this new resource. You will notice the In Progress version has been posted in all Member’s Accounts. It will grow as each new topic is added. Enjoy!

Also, some of you have been emailing me about Investment Protection on this course. Yes – as you are seeing it is indeed covered. What does this mean for students? Well, it is amazingly powerful. It means we are helping to protect your CCIE certification for life! All I can say is – wow!

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As promised I have begun posting new updates to the CCNP Lab Workbook, for customers of the CCNP Bootcamp Class-on-Demand. In addition to the previously available BCMSN section, the EIGRP portion of the BSCI section is now posted. I should be posting another batch of updates tomorrow which include OSPF and possibly IS-IS, along with the rest of the topics to soon follow. Current customers can find these updates on the members site.

Stay tuned for more!

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Number of Questions: 77

Required Passing Score: 790

Time Allotted: 2 hours

Question Types: Single Response-Multiple Choice, Multiple Response-Multiple Choice, Drag and Drop, Scenario (Flash Based)

Overall Level of Difficulty: Easy

Exam Sections:

  • Evaluate proposed changes to a network
  • Implement Layer 2 technologies
  • Implement Layer 3 Technologies
  • Implement IP Multicast
  • Implement Advanced Services
  • Troubleshoot a Network
  • Optimize the Network

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