Hello and Happy Halloween to all of our blog faithful. The 5-Day Kickstart Bootcamp wrapped up today in Tampa, Florida. I want to send a big thank you out to all of the awesome students that were in attendance. What a superb week of hard work and so much fun! Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about this latest Bootcamp from your friends at INE.

Q: What are the main topics covered in the 5-Day Kickstart?

A: This new bootcamp really kick starts a candidate’s preparedness¬† by focusing on the most critical subtopics of the following areas:

  • Layer 2 (Catalysts and Frame)
  • IGPs
  • BGP
  • Redistribution
  • Multicast
  • QoS
  • Security
  • IP Services
  • MPLS

Q: What is the breakdown between lecture and Hands On Practice?

A: The class is 80% lecture and 20% Hands On Practice.

Q: What is the difference between the Kickstart Bootcamp and the Advanced Technologies class?

A: Advanced Technologies covers a more broad list of topics, but does not cover them in the amount of depth that the Kickstart Bootcamp features with its topics. Also, the Kickstart Bootcamp places a greater emphasis on lab exam strategy than Advanced Technologies.

Q: Do I have my own dedicated rack of equipment throughout the week?

A: Yes! Students have their own practice rack for the full five days (24×5) access!

Q: What are examples of Hands On Practice tasks completed during the week long event?

A: Here are some of the Hands On configurations featured in the event:

  • Layer 2 VLANs, Trunks, and VTP
  • 802.1D, 802.1w, and 802.1s
  • EtherChannel (Layer 2/3)
  • Frame Relay
  • OSPF, EIGRP, RIP version 2
  • Prefix Manipulation
  • BGP
  • Redistribution
  • Redistribution Loop Analysis and Troubleshooting
  • Multicast Infrastructure
  • Multicast Troubleshooting
  • Quality of Service
  • Advanced Access Control Lists
  • MPLS Layer 3 VPNs
  • MPLS Troubleshooting

Q: Will there be a Class on Demand version?

A: Yes! Following an upcoming Live Online version of the class, it will be available in a Self Paced format!

Q: When can I attend this new bootcamp?

A: Check out the latest schedule.

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10 Responses to “Holy Bootcamps Batman! It’s the 5-Day Kickstart!”

  1. amit chopra says:

    ok I just missed out what you mention “Yes! Following an upcoming Live Online version of the class, it will be available in a Self Paced format!”

    However I check schedule and found that till April 2010 there is no Online version?

  2. amit chopra says:

    The only problem here , This is live version and not release as COD so CCIE candidate in countries like ASIA region may not able to attend this classes due to cost.

  3. Nadeem Rafi says:

    is this bootcamp is going to be released in CoD format?

  4. ananth says:


    So the next one is in February

    So only after February the COD will be available.

    Am I Correct ?

    Or are there any other plans to bring it as
    COD before that period ?


  5. Warren Jackson says:

    I took the class last week and it was awesome. He does a great job with it and basically it lays the foundation for your labs studies. Give you an overview of all the core technologies and touches on all parts of the lab, with alot of strategy tips and information. I highly recommend for people starting their lab journey.

  6. Chris Chambers says:

    I attended this class as well and it was great. Even if you’ve been studying and labbing hardcore it helps reinforce your strong areas and expose your weaker areas. You will pick up a wealth of good technical advice and information along with important strategy for the new v4 format.

    Class included excellent and fast paced technology lectures and some very good labs on the most prevalent technologies, I think with a special focus on areas that give a lot of students problems. And we got an exciting new MPLS sneak preview lab -thanks, that was cool…
    I also highly recommend the class for anyone, not only those just starting but also well along the way. I think is an excellent primer for the 12 day boot camp. It helped me personally to get a good evaluation of areas where I am least/most comfortable and form a solid plan and more structured approach to my next lab ATTACK.

    Not to forget, we had full access to Graded Labs rack equipment 24×5 the entire week. I was impressed that my rack was up the entire week and never rebooted unless I did it! If you haven’t seen the control panel and interface to the Graded Labs racks it is definitely worth checking out- a lot of features and makes loading and saving configs really simple.

    Overall 5 Stars!

    Oh yeah, I forgot to ask one question for me last week….HOW MANY POINTS do I get for cleaning up that sloppy filthy wiring mess on my home rack???

  7. Vincent says:

    I concur with Warren (Hi btw) as I attended the class last week as well. We did lots of strategy discussion and the went in depth analyzing routing loops that we created on purpose to understand why a certain scenario would create loops while a, on first view, similar setup would not.

    During the course we played around with lots of scenario’s to understand in depth what was going on, if we did things a certain way to gain in depth understanding what was going on behind the scenes.

    I took the course after failing my last 2 lab attempts with a 70+ score and feel that this course did a great job to help me understand where I missed out on the points.

    Thanks to all of you who were there for a great week!


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