The R&S Volume II has been finished! The printed version will be shipping the week of Nov 23rd and the full electronic version is available in everyone’s members’ site account.

The Voice Volume II is being finalized this week and we will start shipping the printed version the week of Nov 23rd. The Voice Volume I printed version will also start shipping that same week.

Security Volume I is being finalized this week and will start shipping the week of Nov 23rd. Security Volume II has been completed and will also start shipping the week of Nov 23rd.

The Voice Advanced Technologies Class CoD will start being released the week of Nov 23rd along with our new CCVP CoD. I’ll make a detailed post in regards to these two voice products tomorrow.

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Brian Dennis has been in the networking industry for more than 22 years, with a focus on Cisco networking for the past 16 years. Brian achieved his first CCIE in Routing & Switching in 1996, and is currently the only ten year CCIE that holds five CCIE certifications. Prior to working with INE, Brian taught and developed CCIE preparation courses for various well known training organizations. Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.

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11 Responses to “INE Product Updates – November 10th 2009”

  1. Márcio A Costa says:

    Great, What will be next update about CCIE R&S ?
    Will the Vol III be updated ?

    Are the mock labs updated for v4.0 ?


    • Hi Marcio!

      A very big update for R&S that we are working on is the new testing engine for the Core Knowledge Simulation.

      Also – yes – the mock labs are now for the Version 4 style – Core Knowledge, Troubleshooting, and Configuration. You must pass all three sections to pass the Mock Lab.

  2. Zeus says:

    Security vol1 is not available electronically on member site though.

  3. John Spaulding says:

    This is Awesome….

  4. FrozenEyes says:

    CCVP :D

    I am so Happy :D :D :D

  5. FrozenEyes says:

    Is there Work Book for CCVP ???

  6. Al says:

    Great! Thank guys! But new Vol I is still not accessible through members’ area.

  7. amit chopra says:

    Josh coming like a fresh air…. Man you rock … few days back I request CCVP and here is come big devil WOW!!!!!!!!!

  8. The updates to the Security Volume I will be posted to everyone’s members account after they are finalized this week.

  9. KY says:

    R&S Dynamips version don’t still update?

  10. Haresh Parikh says:

    Hi Brian,

    Any paln to update service-provider COD in near future?



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