I know I haven’t been posting each of the updates here, and I probably should be in order to keep people informed….

Anyway… Greetings from the sunny Carribbean! Excellent weather, but REALLY slow Internet, so nothing too fancy coming out of me this week! :)

We currently have 23 modules done in the Routing and Switching Audio bootcamp giving well over 18 hours (and growing quickly) of useful information. I have completed the IPv4 section of the blueprint up through (and including) PfR/OER and Redistribution. Since everything coming next is miscellaneous or pseudo-independent information, I’m relatively up for suggestions on the most-wanted information to come next!

Left to my own devices, I decided that MPLS and MPLS-VPNs will be the next set of information to come given the novelty of the technology and fear it strikes into many people’s hearts! (Completely needless as I’ll get to show you how simple things can be!) But after that topic is done, I’d love to hear people’s opinions about what should come next!

Back to pretending to be on holiday so that I don’t figure out who to “vote off the islands” due to slow connections. Expect more updates soon!

In the meantime, check out or your Members account where all of the current updates can be found!

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12 Responses to “R&S Audio Updates!!!”

  1. ananth says:

    Hi Scott

    Thanks for posting even when u are enjoying your vacation.

    I would like to see or hear :)

    Something on Troubleshooting from Scott himself.


  2. Ferret999 says:


    Firstly enjoy your holiday people never really take a break these days so turn the laptop off and enjoy it :-)

    I must say so far the audio class has been brilliant a huge improvement on your previous version. My only complaint is that when you play the music to announce the change in track you deafen me.

    When you get back from holiday. My preference would be as follows MPLS, Troubleshooting, Multicast, Security and then IP services unless some of this stuff is covered in section 22 which I have not got round to.

  3. Ian Finlayson says:

    Hey Scott,

    You are making me very jealous, I love the Carribbean. Weather is worse than ever here in Ireland, the place is literally flooded in many locations etc!!

    But regarding the Audio Course, I remember last August in the class you delivered some very good tips on that “Evil” Route Redistribution area. Could we get some good detail on this area please??? I don’t know why the penny won’t drop for me in this area, most of the other stuff is pretty ok once you put the work in, but for some reason I fear that RR!

    One other thing, is IPv6 RR included on the LAB?

    Have a great holiday and enjoy the weather!!


  4. Ian Finlayson says:

    Of course it would help if I looked at the updated content material first wouldn’t it ;)


  5. yohon says:

    Hi Scott,

    I hope you are enjoying the vacation!

    Your audio class is great. I listen to it every day on the commute to work and it really helps.

    One thing I really enjoy are your scenarios when discussing the different technologies (examples – your 3 router rip with different subnets scenario : the bgp route reflector scenario and disconnected peers : and many others). Would it be possible to discuss more scenarios of things you have come across that have made things interesting? I find this really helps in putting all the pieces together.

    Thanks and keep up the great intro music as well. Take care…

  6. Net_OG says:

    Hey Scott,

    I agree (with Ferret) the last batch had the music way higher than than your voice. You end up turning up the part where you talk and on the next track, you get blasted!

    BTW, I think it would be interesting if you did some sort of companion set of links for each audio session where your reference a document or something. Maybe even a special email alias that is associated to each Audio session where the listener can get an auto-reply with relevant links and maybe some deeper explanations or supporting material (maybe even answers to questions that you want the listener to think about) > auto replies with the links and extra info from audio1 > auto replies with the …

    Enjoy the vacation.

  7. suryanto says:

    Hi Scott,

    How about embedded event manager ? I think it is a great stuff to know.

  8. Eric says:

    Hey Scott,

    Thanks for the update of one of the most useful products in the INE R&S training portfolio. Wish I had this while I was getting ready for the written exam. Do you guys have any plans for similar products for other tracks? I will definitely be interested in something for SP at in the future.

    I agree with the comment about the music volume issue in the previous update but this one seems fixed, at least in the BGP chapters. Anyways, can AC/DC even be played too loud ? :)

    For now, I’m personally looking forward to hearing about OER.


  9. MCL.Nicolas says:

    Hey scott !

    If I purchase the whole CCIE 2.0 program, can I get your audio lessons ? or is it an option and gotta pay a little bit more for it ?!!


    Enjoy the vacation man !!!!!

  10. Adam says:

    There’s an optional upgrade, when purchasing CCIE 2.0 program, you can buy Scott’s Audio Bootcamp for ~300$ (instead of 500$).

  11. duofilm says:

    Hi Scott,

    No need to suffer slow connection while enjoying the sun. We have sun and hi speed here in Miami. ;-)

    Anyway, Security, IPv6 and Multicast would be my preference of next topics. Security because i do not know much, IPv6 because I find it very confusing and Multicast because I find it so interesting that it is so powerful though so easy to configure (or so I think. LOL


  12. stychu says:

    hi Scott ,
    thank you for the update and the good product quality. Obviously the 4.0 topics would be very welcome! Thank you .


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