INE is thrilled to thank another valuable member of our hugely popular Online Community (IEOC.COM). This week it is Ivan Krimmel. You all know Ivan by his awesome screen name and avatar, NTllect. Ivan has selected to receive 150 rack rental tokens from Graded Labs. Congratulations Ivan. Enjoy your studies and thanks so much for all of the excellent work in the forum.


Ivan was introduced to Networking back in 2005, when he first saw several NT servers connected in a small LAN via a hub. This was in a local Microsoft CTEC. He was really excited by the potential that a network can bring to any enterprise. Ivan decided to start the MCSE track and in a half year of study, he was certified. While learning himself, he discovered that a good way to study something is to teach someone else. This is how Ivan became an MCT at a local Microsoft CTEC.

In 2006, upon completion of all MCSE tracks, Ivan started with Cisco. Right after passing CCNA, which took 3 months overall, Ivan made a big decision that  changed his life – he decided to become a CCIE. In 2007, Ivan relocated to a neighbor country and started to broaden his knowledge of networking by studying for multiple Cisco tracks and teaching students as a CCSI. In the year 2008, Ivan dedicated his life to the Lab exam. Every free minute was spent reading something from the booklist, and every free hour was spent at rack labbing something crazy. Ivan used the following INE resources in order to pass:

On the 18th of Dec Ivan passed his Lab at Dubai’s facility!

Now Ivan is a freelance Cisco professional, teaching and consulting on RS, SP, and Security domains among major customers of the CIS area. Ivan’s new  motto regarding technologies is “The best way to learn is to implement”.

As for his future CCIE plans, Ivan is an SP candidate, but because it is impossible to get a seat until end of spring, he is enjoying learning the Security domain in depth. While being a beta-tester for INE’s Security workbook vol.I, Ivan must confirm again that it is the best material, that uncovers many aspects of Cisco’s Security.

Networking has impacted Ivan so greatly that he has changed his profession. Ivan possessed a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. Now he is looking for a respective degree in IT Management/Engineering.

Ivan strongly believes that Networking only starts with the CCIE.

And last but not least, on the 23rd of November, Ivan will challenge himself in another way – by learning Voice technologies in a CVOICE course! Funny enough, his name pronounces similar to E1 :)

Congratulations again Ivan, and thank you so much for sharing your story.

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8 Responses to “The INE Online Community Thanks – Ivan Krimmel”

  1. John Spaulding says:

    Congrats!!!! thanks for all the hard work!!

  2. DarrellEscola says:

    Congratz Ivan!

  3. AJN says:

    Congratulations Ivan! Great Job!

  4. IK says:

    This important post should be pinned for two weeks. Mi-ni-mum! :)

    Seriously, gentlemen, it is very nice to me to know that my frequent posts are not annoyable, rather, useful and worth to pay attention. I’m very proud that on my favorite tech-blog there is now the post about my route. I’m excited by the amount of rack tokens Anthony has encouraged me, thanks so much!

    As for my Voice endeavours, this week I’m already attending the CIPT 1 course, and next week will learn further on the CIPT 2. Then back to Security studies and SNPA training. Just to note, this is my first Cisco classes that I’m attending as a student. As for my Voice plans, I hope one day to be in the same company with Petr, Mark and Josh.

    Good luck anyone and regards,

  5. kishori says:

    Congratulations Ivan! Excellent Job you are done!

  6. MAN says:

    Hi all !
    I can say some words about Ivan СCIE preparation. We are colleagues and friends, we work together about 2 years. Ivan very hardworking Tech-MAN.
    After 6:00 PM, when all go home , Ivan remained and continued to study. Sometimes Ivan remained in the office and all night practise, practise and practise . Every day with workbook and online resources.
    gj Bratulya ;)

  7. Hey Man!

    Thanks for the comments and for reading our blog! Great feedback for our readers.


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