While we would hate to lose him here at INE, I just cannot think of anyone better than our own Petr Lapukhov for US Chief of Cybersecurity.

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12 Responses to “President Obama Contemplating a Cybersecurity Chief”

  1. Tacack says:

    In PETR , we believe! =)

  2. DK says:

    In PETR, we trust!

  3. ananth says:

    Petr transcends company ,border and Nation .

    So please do not make him confined to a nation or a post.

    Petr – u are just great:)


  4. Swap says:

    there can’t be a technical position in the world where Petr wont fit!!

    Go Petr go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. alan says:

    so is petr regarded as the MAIN man at INE interms of technical ability?

  6. Rizzo says:


    Great news for Petr and big honour both. Hard work always pays off.

  7. Faisal Ilyas says:

    Petr, I am not yet CCIE but was badly impressed from his articles, yet he is one of a kind … my best wishes with him (him = Barrack Obama) that if he make such a decision … soon he (he = Barrack Obama) will have a Eiffel tower of paper work to read, might possible USA will have a CCIE President or someone get fired within a starting month because of the bestest dedication to his job …. ;)

    May God bless more TTLs to Petr … ;)

  8. Rack09 says:

    Good luck Petr, you will be missed.

  9. Nadeem Rafi says:

    Hi, i have watched your knet MPLS and its one of its kind… Very simple to understand and follow.
    Why you dont creat OLS based on Knet approach? Being a single CCIE is not a bad, but may be a plus point of dedicated with certain technologies.. :)

  10. Shashank says:

    I just check if their is routing/switching vacancy in white house. In that case INE may loose you :) ..

  11. Petr can’t go until we get the Dynamips workbook finished ;-)


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