While we have many live bootcamp students about to pass this new Lab Exam format, we are thrilled to announce we just had a self-paced student pass!

Here is the wonderful email we received today:

“Dear Friends,

Very glad and proud to say that i passed my CCIE R&S 4.0 in Sao Paulo yesterday! CCIE 25793

Would like to thank INE and all the staff for the great help and support on this journey.

Please update my name when writing it in the hall of fame on the left side of the site (Flavio Provedel)

Will write at the online community, and send you an email with my story and comments so you can publish on the site… People need to know v4 is not that big of a deal, and INE really helps a lot! 

But next week because i am flying to Mexico to celebrate!!!


Flavio Provedel”

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23 Responses to “INE Self-Paced Student Passes Version 4 R&S”

  1. Yasir Ashfaque says:

    Gr8, i think we will see more stories now, gr8 Work INE for providing such comprehensive material.

  2. That’s a great news!!! Congrats to Flavio and INE group too!!! Enjoy your new certification!! :)

  3. Nadeem Rafi says:

    Thats a great news, and you are next to Nostredame in CCIE. Your prophecy regarding first CCIE 4.0 in december fulfilled.

    INE really leads in CCIE field.

  4. Kpan Gonty Serge Armel says:

    Great news Flavio n INE for all coz u guys r the GURUS.
    Pls Flavio dnt forget to let us knw what u can tell us regarding v.4 coz we all plan to get our nber too.
    In fact, “CONGRATS” brother!!!

  5. Eric says:

    Congradulations Flavio!

    This is the best news I’ve heard in quite some time!

    Could you detail which products you used, how long you’ve at it and how many attempts? I for one am very curious to hear feedback from you :)

  6. Brandon says:

    Congrats to Flavio!

    I had started lagging a bit in my preparations since I haven’t heard of anyone passing yet. Now hearing of Flavio’s great news it has given me a lift.

    I look forward to hearing his story.

  7. Ian Finlayson says:

    I hear you Brandon, I was the same… I was lagging with my Preps also as my Lab is in approx 6 weeks time and I just got so disheartened by the whole thing and hearing all the v4 Horror stories etc.

    But this is great news, Congrats Flavio!!!!

  8. Kumar Kadel says:

    Congratulation Flavio !

    wow great ! good to hear you got pass on R/S V4. I am planning to go through INE workbooks too . Could you please detail how you followed INE’s book and other ?
    Hope to hear your further stories how you went through .
    Once again congratulation .

  9. Shashank says:

    Congratulations Flavio..

  10. Wouter Prins says:

    Congratulations Flavio! Hard work pays off! :)

  11. Dengming says:

    Congratulations Flavio!!!

    => Please share how you use INE to conquer this monsterous 8 lab.

  12. rfreitas says:

    Congratulations Flavio..

    Ou melhor

    Parabéns meu camarada!!!!! heheeh

    I know how difficult was this battle, but finally … CCIE

    Abraços do seu camarada.(Hugs from your buddy)

    Rodrigo Freitas.

  13. Net_OG says:

    Viva Mexico! Muito bom/Muy Bien Flavio!

  14. Jeriel Atienza says:

    Gr8 to hear passing the lab, so welcome and enjoy/drink, have now big rest, i recommend weeks rest.

    Jeriel Atienza

  15. Test says:

    Alaf Moubrouik
    CCIE # ????

  16. Test says:

    Gad Willing I Have CCIE Number Soon …..
    Best Regard’s

  17. IGHO says:

    Who says the CCIE is not doable. I got so many stories too while preparing for mine. I am glad flavio has opened the door of possibilities now. You all go and get it. You can do it.

    Flavio, you are a champ.

    Best Regards you all.

  18. Abdullah Rafe says:

    I will soon tell my story too by the grace of god of all mighty

  19. 2bccie says:

    I have schedule my lab in jan end, i will let you know soon


  20. Raquel says:

    I’m Flavio’s girlfriend and I know how he dedicated himself to pass this exam. I’m very proud of him and I’d like to register he is one of the best professionals I’ve ever seen. A future and prosperous future waits for him.

    Congrats, babe, you are the best!

    And let’s start studying for the next exam!

  21. cciace_1978 says:

    Hi, I have heard from a proctor that there have only been 2 or 3 guys WORLDWIDE who managed to pass the new CCIE R/S format till now. If you think of the probably 600 or more people who have tried the exam in these past 2,5 months and then see that only 2 or 3 managed to pass… how can Cisco still justify keeping this difficulty ? Let me explain:
    - the old exam was 8 hours, only lab exam (ok the open ended questions part was there in the end).
    - Now with the v4.0, not only have they added a lot of new technologies (like MPLS, OER, EEM, Zone based FW, IPv6, etc), they also added a troubleshooting section where you only have 12minutes per troubleticket, AND Cisco is not giving partial credits anymore in the big 5,5 hour exam(when you had 2/3 on OSPF in the previous exam you got two points, now it is either all or nothing, so in this case you get ZERO, which is very unfair in my opinion !)…

    How can you justify that out the best engineers (cause the ones that try CCIE are supposed to already be the best), only 2 or 3 out of 600 or more people succeed ?! That is not even 1 percent pass rate !? Come on! I am personally going for the exam by the end of march and I feel like Cisco screwed with me and really doesn’t care. In fact I have the feeling that the ones who have their CCIE already (and passed the MUCH easier previous exam), like the proctors, do not want you to succeed anymore. Probably because the less CCIEs there are, the more valuable their own CCIE will become.
    In the mean time the people who are actually studying very hard every day for the past couple of months are screwed until Cisco decides to again make the exam a bit more doable (and I am sure that many of them would have passed the old exam format!)… I hope they will either drop the Open ended questions (so we have a bit more time for the troubleshooting and big exam), or start handing out the partial credit again like they did in the past !

  22. Stuart says:

    I agree that Cisco have made a mistake here. We now have about 24000 CCIE’s on easy level 3 and below and 1 on v4. It’s almost like adding a new lab section to the CCNA and making it the hardest CCNA ever! So we have 1.2 million “easy” CCNA’s and 3 “hard” CCNA’s and nothing in the industry to show this massive difference… unless of course we made the playing field even and told all the existing CCNA’s that they have to stay current and resit the exam.

    But we all know that no existing CCIE would ever want to do the lab again.. because they would fail. In fact Cisco has made an exam so difficult that you either need a photographic memory, insider information or a lot of money to constantly throw at the lab.. and who in their right mind would want to go through that again! No.. wouldn’t work, plus all the existing IE’s would run off to Juniper. So why not at least make it optional.. have the cert state CCIEv4 #XYZ. At least the industry would recognise that you were not a part of the cheating problem of the v3′s and in fact your v4 even had 2 more hours worth of troubleshooting with no extra time even awarded!.. So v4’s must be better CCIE’s!

    I definitely think the balance has been tipped too much from easier to ridiculously difficult, and we all know this was done because of the sudden massive increase in passes.. but they have not truly balanced this out fairly. I vote for a one time resit of all CCIE’s to the new v4!

    There, I bet that got a few of the existing IE’s choking on their caviar!.. because we all know we would be back down to CCIE# 1025 and staying low down with it for a long time!


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