Over the next several weeks, the industry standard for CCIE R&S training, INE’s Volume 1 workbook will be receiving improvements. Look for new sections to be posted automatically in your Member’s Home Pages.

The first new documents to appear will be:

  • MPLS
  • IPv6
  • Multicast

Enjoy the self-paced training, and as always, thanks so much for choosing INE!

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24 Responses to “CCIE R&S Volume 1 Improvements Begin!”

  1. Nadeem Rafi says:

    Thanks for this good news, but please try to fix erratas this time for other sections also.

  2. Thank You! This is what I’ve been waiting for!

  3. bitje says:

    which type of improvements are we talking about?

  4. alan says:

    when you say improvements, what exactly are you improving? Is it the content or are u simply adding more content?

  5. Seifeddine says:

    Greeting IE`s team and happy new year :)

    Can you please post what was the update exactly, i took a peek into MPLS doc and i don`t know what are the changes :) !?
    If there is a major changement i`ll reDo my labs again :)


  6. Jeff says:

    Cool, good to know it’s being reviewed for content and accuracy.

    This might not be the right forum, but…I’ve been off the study track for a few months after a failed attempt at the v3.0 lab. going to be ramping back up and will need to make upgrades to my home lab for the new R&S blueprint. Are the C2500 BBx devices (http://www.internetworkexpert.com/topology.htm) still relevant for the new material?

  7. Stefan says:

    How long are you going to update Vol I? Or in other way. When are you going to finish updating?

    Thanks in advance

    • @Stefan

      Well – we just started and it is going rather slow – but I anticipate we will really pick up the pace. As we get going I should be able to give a more accurate completion schedule. Also – I will be sure to blog once we have a section re-posted.

  8. Excellent!!! It means your are on the road to give us always the best CCIE training of the all market!!! Thank’s to INE team!! :)

  9. Brad Edgeworth says:

    Does this mean, that you will be upgrading content to use 12.4T code for your commands, to rectify the subtle differences…..?

  10. pac says:


    After working through some vol1 sections on 12.4T they definitely need some TLC.

  11. oui-oui says:

    I hope that you start to combine some of the sections like IPv6 and multicast.

  12. Mike Kiefer says:

    I would expect some L2 MPLS/AToM removal. AFAIK those items aren’t mention on the R&S blueprint.

  13. Ken says:

    Hi will initial configs be changing or just the docs?

  14. Tom says:

    I think INE should keep a log of changes in all of their labs. It’s hard to know what changed were made and when you already did a lab its especially harder to go back and look through it all to compare.. just my few cents :)

  15. Carlos Figueroa says:


    Are you planning to include diagrams for the Volume I V5?

    • @Carlos

      The Volume comes with physical and logical diagrams. Since Cisco has moved to all electronic materials in the exam (although you were never permitted to draw on their diagrams even before) – more and more students are reporting they are forced to make their own diagrams in order to have a chance to pass.

      I will discuss adding diagrams with the team, but please take the opportunity to practice creating your own as part of your Volume 1 practice.


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