The new and improved MPLS section for your Volume 1 workbook has been posted.

Ensure you master MPLS for the CCIE R&S exam using our three-tiered approach:

Tier 1

Advanced Technologies Class on Demand

Volume 1

Open Lecture Series

CCIE Written Bootcamp

Tier 2

6-Day Bootcamp

Volume 2

Volume 4

Advanced Troubleshooting Bootcamp

Tier 3

Core Knowledge Simulation

Mock Lab Workshop

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21 Responses to “New MPLS Section Posted for the Volume 1 Workbook”

  1. Haresh Parikh says:


    Thanks for the update.

    I am not sure if 6 day bootcamp COD is ready or not but for members who has access to 5 day bootcamp wil have access to 6 day bootcamp when it is ready?


  2. Nadeem Rafi says:

    It was really in need for this update… i have seen this update long time ago before this post :)
    Life has just become visiting INE and punching the keyboard.
    Without any doubt, without INE and your continuous help, i have not reached so far.

    Thanks again…

    • Hi Nadeem!

      We are so excited that we can catch our breath now and really begin improving products!!!!

      You are doing very, very good with your studies – keep up the excellent work!

  3. Stefan says:


    In my opinion You should add Open Lecture Series to Tier 1 :) .


  4. Steve Pomfret says:

    According to the IEATC-RSv4.5 Classroom MPLS was last updated on the 28/0709? Am I missing something?

    They needed re-recording anyway as both the audio & terminal session quality was never as good as the original 10 Day content which both Brian’s authored…

  5. Haresh Parikh says:


    There is no new update for CCIE R&S Audio Boot camp for quite sometime. Can you please advise when the new update will be coming?


  6. oui-oui says:

    I sometimes like the A.S. version of a bootcamp topic over the older ADV CoD and vice versa. I nver know which instructor is going to have the right approach to break through my skull and make the topics clear.

    I hope that we can get access to the golden oldies even as the new stuff comes out.

    I also hope that you guys can implement bookmarks of some sort for topics:
    verification/troubleshooting/key topics/lab gotchas

    Also I would be very happy if you implemented some sort of “rating” capabilities so that we could see what other students thought about the various sections.

    I always appreciate the investment Protection from INE. Thanks for constant updates and improvements.

  7. Net_OG says:

    This is great. Looking forward to the update. Can you do some sort of Bookmarking for key topics or a table of contents?? Sometimes, I need to refresh myself on a particular topic (after doing poorly on a Mock lab) an dI need to go back to tier 1 for a refresh. Currently I have to fumble through a few VoDs looking for the topic.



  8. Daniel says:

    Hey… I don’t mean to be an ass, but there are still errors in this new and improved guide. The solution in 14.2 leaves out mpls ip on R4′s serial interfaces. Task 14.4 asks you to configure R6 as the route reflector, but the solution uses R4. I’m sure there are others, I’m only on task 14.5.

  9. Deepak Arora says:

    I expect INE not only post Lab Meetup Series updates for all vol 2 labs but also come up with Video Solution of Vol1 labs as well.

    My best wishes…

    Best Regards,
    Deepak Arora

  10. Ian says:


    Is the 10 day CoD definitely scheduled to be re-recorded in Feb or is that just a date you hope to have it recorded in?

    Any news on new recording technologies or will it still be the Adobe Connect Platform?


  11. Terry Vinson says:

    @ Daniel

    Maybe you should take another look at lab 14.2. The use of “mpls ip” on the serial interfaces is not necessary. Task 3 of the lab says to use a “single command” on R4 to enable LDP on all ospf-enabled interfaces.

    That is the “mpls ldp autoconfig”. If you read the explanation it details how to use this command on Page 11 (numeric point 1).

    In short:

    OSPF 1 is part of the MPLS initial configs, and before configuring LDP we can see that interfaces are already participating int OSPF:

    Rack7R4#sh ip ospf interface brief
    Interface PID Area IP Address/Mask Cost State Nbrs F/C
    Lo0 1 0 1 LOOP 0/0
    Se0/1/0 1 0 64 P2P 1/1
    Se0/0/0.1 1 0 64 BDR 1/1
    Fa0/1 1 0 1 BDR 1/1
    Fa0/0 1 0 1 DR 0/0

    The serial interfaces are participating in OSPF:

    But we have no LDP running (per the following command):

    Rack7R4#sh mpls interfaces
    Interface IP Tunnel BGP Static Operational

    But after the “mpls ldp autoconfig” command:

    Rack7R4(config)#router ospf 1
    Rack7R4(config-router)#mpls ldp autoconfig

    Rack7R4#sh mpls interfaces
    Interface IP Tunnel BGP Static Operational
    FastEthernet0/0 Yes (ldp) No No No Yes
    FastEthernet0/1 Yes (ldp) No No No Yes
    Serial0/1/0 Yes (ldp) No No No Yes
    Serial0/0/0.1 Yes (ldp) No No No Yes

    The sh command reveals that we are running LDP on all interfaces that are OSPF enabled.

    So there is no requirement for applying the command under the individual serial interfaces.

    Regarding the R6/R4 confusion on lab 14.4, I’m sure that will be fixed in the next revision. Thanks for pointing that out.

  12. Danny says:

    Good to know, Terry. Thank you for the explanation. I missed that. Which isn’t hard for me.

    I do see solutions in 14.7, 14.8, and 14.9 that use an OSPF network statement of when they clearly intended to use I’ll just sent these to bugs@internetworkexpert.com instead of spamming the blog.

    I appreciate the hard work that goes into these, keep up the good work. I just want to help.

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