Be sure to watch the blog over the next several days for exciting announcements about upcoming new and improved products (ATCoD, Lab Meet-ups) and just plain new products (shhhh – still secret) from INE.

For the Open Lectures, you will notice new voices, and interactivity in the sessions. We are also varying the days and times as everyone has requested.

Jan 26 – 2PM EST – Open Lecture Series  - The Latest Version 4 Exam Format – AS
Jan 28 – 6PM EST – Open Lecture Series – Embedded Event Manager – KB
ATCoD Chapters – Switching – AS; Frame Relay  - KB
Feb 1 – Interactive Video Companion – Volume 2 Lab 1
Feb 2 – 11PM EST – Open Lecture Series  - IPv6 Multicast – PIM – AS
Feb 4 – 11AM EST – Open Lecture Series – NetFlow – KB
Feb 5 – 10AM EST – Lab Meet-Up – Vol 2 Version 5 – Lab 1 – AS
ATCoD Chapters – HDLC and PPP – KB
Feb 8 – Interactive Video Companion – Volume 2 Lab 2
Feb 8 – 3PM EST – Open Lecture Series  - Zone-Based Firewall – MG
Feb 10 – 11PM EST – Open Lecture Series – PfR/OER Dymstified – AS
Feb 12 – 11AM EST – Lab Meet-Up – Vol 2 Version 5 – Lab 2 – MG
ATCoD Chapters – GRE, RIPv2, OSPF – AS

Jan 26 – 2 PM EST US – The LATEST Version 4 Exam Format

Jan 28 – 6 PM EST US – Embedded Event Manager (EEM)

Feb 2 – 11 PM EST US – IPv6 Multicast – PIM

Feb 4 – 11 AM EST US – NetFlow

Feb 8 – 3 PM EST US - Advanced Zone-Based Firewall

Feb 10 – 11 PM EST US – PfR/OER Demystified

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27 Responses to “New and Improved Open Lecture Series Returns”

  1. Nadeem Rafi says:

    where you were before? I just posted today and got a quick answer :)
    Thanks again :)

  2. routsec says:

    Great news. This is all very interesting…. Can’t wait for those dates now.

  3. Ananth says:


    Just one Question

    What about the audio bootcamp update?


    • Hello Ananth!

      He has had some personal issues he has had to contend with unfortunately. We will have him update his release schedule on the blog ASAP.

      I know that just days ago – he was aching to start again with those incredible recordings.

  4. I’m planning MPLS for this weekend. I’ve actually been through it three times already, but when I listen to it, it didn’t have the educational “snap” I like. So I’ve been rearranging things.

    When I complete one I’m happy with, I’ll get it out ASAP since I know all of our great customers are waiting to learn the new and exciting things!

    Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll be happy with it!

    • Hey – teaching the Reno 6 day last week – I got tripped up on something…(imagine that?). A student hefted his iPhone and pointed out that I really need to download the latest modules.

      Thanks so much for the update – and I look forward to listening to you as I fly to Reno next.

  5. Anantha Subramanian Natarajan says:


    Great !!!!..Is there any plans for offering open lecture series for CCIE security ……..


    Anantha Subramanian Natarajan

  6. Zeus says:

    Is Brian Mcgahan will be teaching these Open lectures? who is the instructor?

    • Hi Zeus!

      You will find just about everyone in INE online training from now on!

      In fact, 2 to 3 instructors online together will not be uncommon.

      I cannot wait to go head to head with you on MPLS!

  7. Ananth says:

    Thanks Amazing.

  8. ccie@21 says:

    Awesome Guys !!!

    Really looking forward for CCIE Security Open Lecture Series


  9. NET_OG says:

    Hey guys,

    I would appreciate a “quick turnaround” on posting the recorded versions. Can we get a rough idea of the SLA for posting? ;-)


  10. Deepak Arora says:

    Open Lecture on following topics will be a nice idea too:

    How to attack Troubleshooting Section Of lab
    IP and System Management – RITE, SCP etc
    Inter AS Multicast

    It will be great if you guys can come up with a Series on Different IGP and BGP Route filtering techniques series.

    Are there some plans about anything of following:

    1. Updating Lab Meet up Series for Ver 5 Vol 2
    2. Coming up with New SP CODs and Workbook with breakdown….If so…INE got his first customer already :)

    Best Wishes…
    Deepak Arora

  11. Giorgio P. says:

    do not forget your child :) there is plenty to update over there ! I am reading the new CCIE guide because your product is falling short and does not cover the blueprint.Not everybody has got all the INE products to fill up gaps.
    Please Thank you.
    PS Written exam is about £200 here in UK.

    • @ Giorgio

      I took the Version 4 lab a couple of months ago to ensure my coverage was still accurate. It was then.

      I plan on taking the Written again next week to see if Cisco has changed anything.

      I will be posting new updates routinely for the sake of covering Version 4 topics for lab prep as well. I am hoping you noted Part 1 of PfR. Part 2 will be completed today.

      Thanks for the feedback.

  12. Deepak Arora says:

    I am not sure if following topics were covered in any of video training from INE

    All ospf stuff I am still struggling with…

    LSA and SPF thottleing
    Incremental SPF
    Pacing Timers
    Transit Area Capability
    Suppress FA
    Database Filter
    How Routing Decision will be made if we have Two or more ABRs/ ASBRs to reach the common destination

    Best Wishes…
    Deepak Arora

  13. Seifeddine says:


    Are the VoD going to be updated as well :) ?


    • Hello Seifeddine!

      Yes indeed! This time we will have a set schedule of CoD postings so that you will always know when to check the CoD for “old” recordings you could not attend!

      I look forward to “seeing you” online!

  14. Giorgio P. says:

    Your are the best expert in the world for this exam.You wrote books,flash cards questions etc
    marketing this COD will be much easier once is really updated.
    We count on you.

  15. Rizzo says:

    I have been asking for CCIE Security Open Lecture Series since last year. Again my request is still there. We need to fill the gaps for Security Track too. There is plenty of stuff for R&S track. I don’t see decent coverage of blended VPN technologies, IPS 42xx in depth, more of ACS, attack mitigation methods.

    In term of Security Open Lecture Series, I would not restrict them to only CCIE track. In light of Cisco SAFE and CCIE Security track; I would suggest to be focused on Real World issues and Security standards deployments covering PCI DSS 2.1, HMG and CESG design standards, NSA and good recommend practices. I would like see talking about different fictional company case studies and applying Cisco Security Technologies accordingly.

    I know there could be many pieces here and there but none of them are very much focused. In my eyes to be good CCIE Security Engineers, we must know how to implement properly otherwise passing Lab would be meaning less.

    I would be happy to pay extra money for completely separate product, which can truly be focused on such areas and can raise the security skills bar to even higher level. Or Call it “A Journey beyond Cisco CCIE Security” <—( my favourit chosen topic)

    Sorry for long post but I am sick and tired in search for soild material. INE have all the resources to put togather such awesome material.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Khalid says:


    Lectures are great and my request for OLS is:
    1. BGP Policy Accounting
    2. PPP Authentication
    3. OSPF Cost Calculation and Route Recursion process

    Best Regards,

  17. josephc says:

    Feb 8 – 3 PM EST US – Advanced Zone-Based Firewall


    Did this take place? I don’t see this on the COD though the one after that shows up on my Open Lecture subscription:

    Feb 10 – 11 PM EST US – PfR/OER Demystified


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