The Interactive Video Companion series for the Volume 2 R&S workbook provides detailed, self-paced, interactive videos detailing every aspect of the lab technologies and strategies.

To provide an idea of the scope of this new product, check out the partial Lab 1 outline below!

A. Lab Do’s and Don’ts

1. Introduction

2. Version 4 Challenge – Strategy

B. Lab Strategy

1. Core versus Non-Core

2. Reading Ahead and Diagramming

3. Additional Study Resources

C. Layer 2 Traffic Engineering

1. Diagramming

2. Version 4 Challenge – Core Knowledge

3. Version 4 Challenge – Core Knowledge II

4. Version 4 Challenge – Troubleshooting

5. Version 4 Command Recall Tool

6. Additional Study Resources

D. Spanning Tree Manipulation

1. PortFast

2. Version 4 Challenge – Core Knowledge

3. Additional Study Resources

E. Spanning Tree Security

1. BPDUGuard

2. Version 4 Challenge – Configuration

3. Additional Study Resources

F. Private VLANs

1. Private VLANs Explored

2. Version 4 Challenge – Core Knowledge

3. Version 4 Challenge – Core Knowledge II

4. Version 4 Challenge – Troubleshooting

5. Version 4 Comamnd Recall Tool

6. Additional Study Resources

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17 Responses to “Introducing the Interactive Video Companion Series”

  1. Marcio Costa says:

    How do I get the special discount for INE customer you mentioned on the OLS (New lab exam format 4.x) ??

  2. Iman says:

    u know guys ! I think this product rocksss !
    I will be going to vol 2 in next 2 month and I will definitely go for this amazing product !
    Thanks again. (dont simle this time :D ) and great Keith !

  3. ananth says:


    I bought this product and impressed with it.

    Great going.


    • Hi Ananth!

      It is certainly the best product I have been involved with so far – outside of the Live 12 day Bootcamp. But not everyone can attend that of course.

      Thank you so much for the feedback Ananth! Please email me improvements – we have just added a CCIE 4 Challenge – Config Speed Drill feature! Warm up those fingers.

  4. Eric says:


    This product looks very interesting. Can you outline the differences between “Interactive Video Companion Series” and other INE products such as “Lab Meetups”?


    • Hi Eric!

      With the Interactive Video Series we are able to review and teach CCIE 4 topics and challenge the student with interactive exercises – something that we are unable to do in the shorter Lab Meet-Ups. The Lab Meet-Ups are more for student questions about the lab from our instructors.

      What I think is pretty cool is that we now provide different “levels” of the Volume 2 workbook based on the level of Instruction the student needs. WB Only – WB with Lab Meet-Ups – WB with Video Companion and Meet-Ups.

      I love our success rate with the WB only – but I cannot wait to see the rate with the Meet-Ups, and/or Video Companion. These products offer the highest levels of instructor guidance on technologies, and, perhaps as important, strategies.

  5. jack says:


    I am little confused about the lab-meet-up, open lectures and video companion series. can you please elaborate the difference between these products.

    it would be really helpful in deciding which one to buy

    • Hi Jack!

      Check my response to Eric for the Meet-Up versus Video Companion.

      The Open Lecture Series is our most unique product of all. It is not tied to any workbook or live classroom course – it can cover any level of CCIE student for any topic. We take topic requests from students, and then provide a live lecture. Of course the lecture is recorded for self-paced viewing later.

  6. Ian Finlayson says:


    How’s it going!?
    First of mate, let me congratulate you and INE on an amazing product!! I saw the demo of this program the other night and was blown away with it!!

    Captivate seems to do away the laggy sync issues also!! Keith’s lecture was great, I particularly liked all the illustrations mixed with JPGs, Static Theory Slides, Live Video Whiteboards and then REAL LAB live workthroughs!! What can I say :)

    I am actually writing this Blog message from Belgium as I am doing some last minute revision for v4 Lab tomorrow, but I just had to take the time out to say what a good product I think this is and congratulations again!

    Is this the revision tool you were talking about before or is that a different thing again ;)

    Catch you later…

    • Hello my friend!

      Please be sure to call me after the exam. Thanks for the feedback.

      We actually have one more product (that I know of) waiting in the wings. It will be targeted at one thing only – CORE KNOWLEDGE.

  7. Rizzo says:


    What a great team work and lecture by both of you! Keith is always great to through some real world and some off topic nuggets then connect them to topic. That’s the way to keep student attention. I was edge of my seat thinking what would be next after every little pause and phase. Totally, its Un-matched product in current market. INE is always setting new benchmarks in Training market. Excellent stuff !!!!!

    Hmmm…you know what I am getting jealous!! Why?? When will we get similar stuff for security track? We want our Keith back to Security track please! :)


  8. Chris says:


    when can we get access to this product?


  9. CCIEJourney says:

    Are the videos complete for the whole workbook?

    • Hi Carl (CCIEJourney)!

      We are releasing the videos to coincide with the Lab Meet-Ups. The idea is – you can end the self-paced training sessions with an instructor and your peers in the virtual classroom.


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