One of the new features in the Interactive Video Companion Series for Volume II is the Version 4 Challenge – Speed Drill component.

I thought our blog readers would want to take this feature out for a test fly – enjoy!

Lab 1 – Version 4 Challenge – Speed Drill

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11 Responses to ““I Feel the Need…the Need for Speed!””

  1. Byron Chen says:

    Hi, You guys at IE are absolutely brilliant. I have purchased this among other materials that you have available for the 4.0 Lab exam. My issue with my previous lab attemps was speed. I will not make this same mistake when I sit the exam again. You guys have made sure of that and have worked hard preparing materials for students to be prepared. Well Done and keep up the good work !!!!

  2. Israel says:

    To take the theory from book reading and CODs, the hands on practice from all of the lab volumes, and now the visual and literal application of the learned material in a “real world” environment…priceless.
    I also appreciate how you didn’t take the time to explain why you configured something a certain way, as this forces one to return back to the assumed learned theory for explanation, which in turn solidifies the knowledge gained even further.

    • Wow – thanks for the feedback Isreal!

      Yeah – for this Speed Drill challenge, explaining the config was the farthest from my mind – we did that elsewhere.

      What I was going for here was how I approached it strategically. And again, what is funny about that, is that other students and CCIEs will do it differently, and much faster. I call my approach Baby Steps, and I like to build in layers. :-)

  3. John Spaulding says:

    Speed does kill…..That was one of my high marks when doing the lab but I made easy mistakes. Always set time for verification..it works :) Keep up the good work

  4. rawi says:

    Great video ..
    But why you used pseudo broadcast in the frame relay map statement if the network type is nonbroadcast.

  5. Tacack says:

    I’m a CCIE-security candidate, and i feel left out ,cold and lonely :( I wanna have fun too! :)

  6. Nguyen says:


    For Security track, I believe it will be soon appear with Security Open Lecture Series !!!

  7. TacACK says:

    That’s good news Nguyen! :)

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